Why I Work From Anywhere In The World While Running An Online Business 365 Days A Year

You may have noticed that a lot of my videos are in a different city or a different town and I am going somewhere new all the time. You may be wondering why I am doing this.

What are the benefits, disadvantages, and why should you even attempt to travel 365 days a year?

Many people want to do this for the reason of wanting to see the world, wanting to meet different people and different cultures, and someone. These are all valid reasons, but the main reason why am traveling is because I got addicted to traveling. It is very addicting to keep traveling and resetting your locations and habits and to keep changing the people that are around you. Also it is interesting to keep being forced to reinvent your habits over and over.

It is always something new

The main benefit is that you are always someone else and you don’t really get bored. For me, after two months at any one location, just after being used to traveling nonstop, I tend to get bored really fast. This is because it is the same people, same environment, same food, and same language over and over. It just kind of gets boring to me after a while.

After traveling for four years I do not want to sound like I am bragging that I’ve been traveling that long for business and fun, but I kind of got addicted to traveling. This is because it is a different city every single time for 2 to 3 months. Once I stay in the city for that long of a period of time, I get really bored. I tried staying in Barcelona, which is my favorite city, for more than three months, but it got boring and I could not really stop myself from getting bored anymore. Travel becomes addicting.

Traveling is not a bad addiction as it has a lot of benefits. Because you are forced out of your comfort zone and out of your routine every few months, what happens is you are forced to re-implement all your routines, re-establish them, and make new ones. It is like when you go to a new gym you may find yourself doing new exercises. This is very beneficial for your development and it forces you to keep growing and improving yourself.

What are some disadvantages of traveling all the time?

If you are running a business like I do, which you pretty much have to if you want to travel 365 days per year, you do not have your own office and you have to rent offices or work from your bedroom, living room, or set up a temporary office in the place you’re renting. You have to look for places to rent every single time and it is a lot of inconvenience.

You cannot have local employees unless they travel with you, but again, that is an advantage for me because I am able to hire people online and able to work with people online all the time. There are no online offices, traffic or things like that, but just travel.

Typically when I am traveling I ask people who they know and the location that I am going to so I can have someone who knows the area that can help me out. If you do not have a YouTube channel like I do, you can still have friends in different cities and places in the world, or you can just ask in communities you are in, like masterminds. That way you are not alone and you are always with people who can help you out, who know their way around the city, who have a car, and who know where parties are.

It really helps being a part of an online community like the Daily Business Hustle on Facebook that I am running. We travel together, hang out, go to parties, and we help each other out with our businesses as well. Apply to join our community on Facebook HERE and become a part of this community!

Aleksander Vitkin

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