What Happens When You Get To 10k Per Month On Upwork

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Interestested in getting to $10k/mo on Upwork? Here are the things I wished I knew on how to freelance on Upwork and get to $10k/mo when I started as a freelancer and business owner.

Aleksander is going to share his own experience from his 6 years of being a freelancer and hundreds of interviews that he has done with entrepreneurs who have got to $10K/mo on Upwork.

Moreover, he is going to share exactly what happens, how he is going to prepare for it and what to do once you get there.

This video is not for people who are looking for get rich quick schemes. It is for people who are freelancers or business owners who want to get to this level as soon as possible and avoid the mistakes that others have made before.

1 – You are not going to be able to handle all of it alone any longer. Once you reach $10K/mo, you cannot do everything by yourself anymore. You are going to outsource from the easiest tasks moving upwards to the most complicated tasks.

Many people get stuck because they are not willing to hire new people and as a result they cannot their business anymore. They are trying to handle everything by themselves and they are treating their business as a freelancer.

2 – Your business relationship with clients. In the beginning you were there for every single part of the project that you deliver. Having other people who can take the workload off from you will help not feel overwhelmed with work.

You need to replace yourself by processes that are usually run by other people. Your clients will feel that you are no longer there as much unless you setup the processes very well. In that case, they will feel like that are being treated better than before. That is why many big business make more money than small businesses. You need to start thinking as a business owner.

3 – Your behavior. You go from being focused on everything to being ultra focused on working on your business instead of just being an employee in your business that fills in all the roles. This focus creates an amazing upwards spiral of success.

You are able to create new funnels, you are able to work on new delivery, keep clients happy, because you are managing them properly. You are able to create processes, so that your business has a solid foundation to grow from instead of being stuck with endless bottlenecks for delivery.

4 – You go from being interviewed for jobs and gigs on Upwork and go through all these recruitment processes to have people come to you. They follow your process, they pay you on your terms. They book calls with you if you want to talk to them.

5 – Others will judge you because you are outsourcing. You are not doing it the way they are doing it and because you are doing it differently, they will say that you are cheating the system and exploiting people. This is entirely not true if you set things properly.

If you are paying the freelancer what they can make in their country, if you make a good profit and if you make your clients happy, then everything is happy and your business grows.

As a result, your employees have a good steady income because of you and your clients, then everything goes better. Don’t worry about haters, because it does not matter they say or think. Judge yourself based on your results and the results of your clients.

6 – Your life improves because of the spillover effect. You become more successful as a person, you have more influence in life. You are more powerful and you do not have a boss. You are able to learn brand new super valuable skills that very few people get the opportunity to learn.

You learn proper sales processes and how to treat clients properly, so they come back and pay you premium amount of money. If you figure out the right processes in your business, you will keep clients happy and as a result they will leave you amazing review of your work.

7 – Impostor syndrome. You may start to think that you do not deserve that much money, that you have to try another business model and so on. Business owners often get traped of this self-defeating mindset that you don’t deserve it.

In fact if you commit fully to your business, you can improve many people’s lives and you can make a positive influence on people.

Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.