What Happened When I Nearly Closed Down My Business

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Hey it’s Aleksander, in today’s article I’m going to talk about what happened that one time four years ago when I very nearly closed down my business and started another business instead. I have been running this business for five years, there’s no freaking way I’m gonna stop anything, but back then, there was one time when I very nearly did it, and that was the summer of 2015.

Here’s what happened. I was in a nightclub, and it was in Finland I think, back then, and I was just sitting there, or standing, and I thought, “Man, everyone’s having fun here, “and I just can’t disconnect, I just can’t unplug “from this stress that the business is causing me.” Because I was doing sales calls myself and all kinds of stuff, so I was completely plugged into the business. 

It was basically, 90% of the work was being done by me and not someone else, and I did not know how to solve that, and I didn’t know how to solve just me constantly feeling stress, and I even ended up in the hospital once, had like a little issue from too much stress, and I didn’t know how to deal with it, because no one really talks about this at all, it’s just like, you know, suddenly you have an issue in your business, and how do you solve it? 

You just figure it out, so what I ended up doing was I figured out that I didn’t have any principles that I adhered to in my business that were solid fundamentals for me to build my business on, so I just had these platitudes that I listened to from random books, from random YouTube channels, like, “Follow your passion!” and like, your whatever, like what was it back then, it was just complete nonsense basically, right, just platitudes instead of principles that was basically what it came down to. 

I didn’t know how to build my business based on strong principles, how to choose these principles, and I had been just lazy with that to be honest, and that’s because I was running from fire to fire that I was extinguishing one after the other instead of actually building something, instead of building something new, I was just running around extinguishing fire after fire. 

I went home, and I sat down and I read books by philosophers I read books by people that are not business people, and I tried to understand why I felt that way, like why I was anxious, and why I felt like I couldn’t take doing that type of business anymore, and I figured out that I was doing it mostly to help other people, so it was like, “I’m doing it for someone else, “I’m doing it for someone else, “I’m doing it for someone else.”

In and of itself, there’s nothing really wrong with running a business for other people, cause you know, you need to get agreement from people before they give you money, you’re not gonna like, steal it or anything like that, so, but what I was doing wrong is, I was too focused on this, and I was not taking care of myself, and what I needed, and what I wanted to feel excited about the business, which is equally important, if not more so, than what clients think. 

In fact, I mean definitely more important than what clients think because if the person running the business, if the head of the business is not happy and is not performing well, there’s no way the clients are gonna get a good experience, it’s just not possible, or a good product or service. 

What I ended up doing was I took some tactical ones from Fiji Business decisions, which don’t really matter too much to be honest, but what did matter is why I took those decisions, because I reevaluated the reasons why I’m running the business, and I reevaluated the principles that I was focused on, and the principles that I was using to make decisions essentially, so the underlying reasons for the decisions, and after that, decisions were easy.

It was easy to take decisions that are right for my business and for me, at that point and moving forward, because I reevaluated what I was doing and why I was doing it, and furthermore, I created a new framework for how to make decisions better, and at the top of it was, “Does this make me, “as the business owner, more successful, more happy, “more productive, and so on.” Right, that’s the most important thing, and after that, of course, I made sure clients are happy and so on, and after that, I made sure that employees, freelancers, everyone else was happy and getting results and learning, and so on.

So, that was more or less the priority ladder that I set for myself, and what I ended up doing was, I threw away all those, “Work hard, don’t cause problems.” Like all those old platitudes from jobs, but I also threw away the, “work harder, work smarter, “network more, offer value, reach more people, “hire the right people, etc.” I threw away those blobs of random advice that I was attempting to follow randomly, and I just sat down and started making decisions for myself based on what’s good for me and the business.

Once I was engaged and fully committed and really using my own brain, and solving problems instead of running around like a headless chicken, suddenly, it was very easy to solve everything, so for example, I switched to single offer, and I switched to, cause I used to try all these like, little offers, and all these little info products and whatever, waste of time, basically, and I increased prices, but I switched to single offer, and I made it really really good so that people get results fast.

That way they don’t leave, they stick around, another thing is, I stopped talking to people that were broke or not interested in buying, okay, I stopped talking to shoppers, I stopped trying to convince people to buy and, like and all that stuff, instead I’ve just started focusing on people that are interested in what I’m selling and they’re gonna buy and they have money, and they’re smart, and I actually liked talking to them and dealing with them as I’m delivering a service to them or product. 

That’s basically what I started doing, and this changed everything, once I started doing that, people got better results, clients stuck around for longer, they send me all kinds of referrals, and so on. So everything in my business instantly improved as I created a foundation of strong principles for my business.  

That’s what, also a lot of my content has been about lately, so if you watch the live streams from last week, or if you read a lot of the posts, I am talking about these principles, so stay tuned, we’re gonna cover it in great detail as time goes on, and we already have started doing so, so take a look at my posts from the last few days, take a look at the ones that are coming up tomorrow, the day after, and so on. 

So thank you for reading, if you’re interested in solving this type of problem in your business by the way, if you’re stuck, and things don’t seem to be growing, or you’re just fed up with your business, it just isn’t what you thought it would be, or you just feel overwhelmed or stressed, or worse yet, anxious, then reach out to me.

Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.