What Happened When Darian Quit His 6 Figure Sales Job To Start An Agency

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Darian is going to share with you what happened when he quit his 6 figure sales job to start an agency.

Darian reveals that the key reason that led to his business success is his participation in the Business Mentor Insiders mastermind. He shares how important the coaching calls in the mastermind are. Everyone shares various problems in his business and other mastermind members who have faced these problems provide the solution.

Darian is running a Facebook ads agency. He has been in sales for 8 years selling digital marketing solutions. He was displaying advertising and branding content for an American publisher. He is familiar with Facebook pixels, targeting, branding and he can talk about that very easily.

Usually it takes several years in talking to other business owner to learn that stuff. Thankfully, there are people out there who have put everything into a process, so that our brain can follow it and learn it faster and easily. Darian learned many new valuable things from the BMI Facebook course.

Darian got fired from his sales job and instead of getting a new job, he focused full time on his business. Darian realized that there is a lot more opportunity in doing his own thing. Within 5 weeks of implementing, he made his first $10K month in business.

He knew that it does not make sense to get a new job and work for other people. Darian was very determined to focus full time on his business and dedicate a lot of time on doing something that he loves.

Due to the valuable things that Darian learned in the BMI course, he is now able to consistently generate leads and turn them into clients. Darian has plans to grow and scale his business by hiring the right people who can take the workload off from him and creating processes in his business.

People like Darian who live in Australia hire people from Eastern countries and pay very good wages for those countries which is a fraction from anything that they would have paid in Australia. The quality does not go down that much. You only need a copywriter from an English speaking country. These people are very happy making a couple hundred dollars per project or making $1K per month.

The disadvantage of having people working for you remotely is that those people are not there with you and there is a lot of miscommunication. The advantage is that you are not employing them and you have an infinitely scalable team without offices.

Darian does not want to do day to day freelancing. He wants to be able to work on the business and not in the business.

Darian is completely aware that more money and bigger business brings more responsibility. He has to make sure there are enough leads, the clients are happy, the delivery process is on time. Darian has to know every single process in his business and to know how it works. He has to provide guidance and feedback to his team members. As a result, his team members will be able to provide better quality work that will lead to better results.

Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.