What Happened When Darian Quit His 6 Figure Sales Job To Start An Agency

It is Aleksander Vitkin here, I recently sat down with Darian, one of our Business Mentor Insiders (BMI) members for a chat about how his business is going. Darian has a really inspiring story about how he quit his well paid 6-figure job and started his own agency. Luckily for you, he was kind enough to share it with us.

After the company Darian was working for started to go through some troubles, Darian started to think about how he could start his own business so that it would give him more freedom and control over his life. This led to him joining BMI so that he could learn everything he needed to know about how to start a successful online business. Darian says that after he joined BMI, he immediately found the program videos and other learning materials really insightful and full of really practical information that he could use to start his business.

After researching lots of different services that his business could provide, Darian decided to start a Facebook advertising agency helping clients with setting up and managing their Facebook advertising campaigns. Darian found that there was a lot of demand for his service and within just five weeks of starting his new agency he was earning $10K per month in revenue.

What Did He Learn From BMI?

Before joining BMI Darian already had practical experience selling digital advertising in Australia but he says that through BMI he was able to learn a whole new approach to making sales online. The best part was that this was a model that had been tried and tested by hundreds of other successful online entrepreneurs.

Darian says that one of the best parts of BMI is how it’s not just about starting a business, the BMI community helps you to become a much more focused person in your life. This has helped him to focus on his goals and get his business scaling up much faster.

Another great part of BMI for Darian is been able to jump on calls with BMI mentors and talk through any issues that he is having with his business. The access you get to the cumulative knowledge of lots of successful business owners is really amazing he says. Every problem that you have or might have, someone else in the group probably already has had it and knows how to deal with it. This benefit alone is worth joining BMI according to Darian.

BMI has also helped Darian to work out how to best scale his business by automating every part of his business and to bring on freelancer partners to help him with project delivery. He says that he has started to implement systems into his business so that team members can follow a more standardized process which he says will help to scale his agency and make it more profitable. In the first few months of running his business, he is trying to build a great foundation so that overtime his agency can grow to earn seven figures or more.

Who Would Darian Recommend Start an Online Business?

Darian says that if you are goal oriented and have the drive to succeed then starting an online business could be a great choice for you. It is definitely a great life for people who want to have more freedom and autonomy about where they live and how they work. But you need to be a person who can manage yourself and be self-sufficient – you don’t have anyone there to tell you what to do – it's all on you to get the work done! 

Where Is Darian Now?

Darian continues to sign up new clients and he is now in a position where he can be pickier about which clients he takes on. He says that he is really focused on only working with clients that he can genuinely build a long-term relationship with. On a personal note, Darian plans to spend more time traveling while working on his business, something that is entirely possible due to the power of online commerce!

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