Web Developer Freelancing (For the First Time)

Are you interested in finding out if becoming a freelance web developer is for you?

Is it better than having a 9 to 5 job?

This post is about trying to remove the ‘fluff’ by letting you know what it is really like to be a freelance web developer and how you can make more money and build your own business.

What Is the Difference Between Being an Employee and a Freelance Web Developer?

As an employee, you are told exactly what to do, and you have limited control over what projects you work on and what processes you develop to get your work done. It’s a much more controlled and structured environment, leaving you with little freedom and autonomy.

Freelancing requires you to “get yourself out there” – . yYou need to have more than just “technical” skills, you need to be able to make sales and sign up clients which means you have to have good social skills (sometimes referred to as soft skills).

You will have to be able to learn these skills, even if you are an introvert. You will have to become comfortable talking to other people and be able to negotiate with clients over a project contract. But don’t worry, it’s just like any other skill, it can be learned!

Taking on a job can be the easier option, some offices these days give their employees free food, free gym memberships, etc. but it comes at a cost. Freedom. Freelancing gives you more freedom, influence, and authority over the direction of your own life.

Having a job can give you economic security by beenbeing guaranteed a weekly salary, however, if you put the work in freelancing can become very lucrative over time. Freelancing means you can eventually take on more clients and scale, which allows you to build up a business and take on employees.

Freelancing takes dedication and hard work, you won’t have somebody there to force you to do anything or punish you if you turn up late for work. You have to have the motivation to make things happen on your own.

Freelancing means having to deal with clients, some of which won't know much about the technical side of the projects that you are working on. You will need to learn how to speak to clients in plain English even when discussing a highly technical topic.

Becoming a freelance web developer doesn’t mean doing all of the work yourself. Once you are established and up-and-running you can bring in other freelancers and outsource 80 to 90% of the coding work to a local or virtual team that you hire. You can focus on the big picture and spend your time on high leverage tasks like business strategy and selling.

The Bottom Line

Becoming a Freelance web developer is not for everybody. To become a successful freelance web developer, you have to have the motivation and drive. Sometimes getting a regular job with a range of benefits and security might suit you better. It comes down to how much risk you are prepared to take.

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