Upwork Profile Tips to Sell to Big Budget Niches

Are you looking for Upwork profile tips to help you land big projects and grow your freelancing business or agency on Upwork?

As a long time user of Upwork, both as a freelancer and as a coach helping others succeed on the platform, I want to share with you what I have learned over the past nine years.

This is how you should optimize your profile to target the top niches on Upwork.

What Are the Top Niche Industries on Upwork That You Should Target?

1. Consulting

The consulting industry is growing rapidly. Consultants go into a larger company and offer specialized advice and services that the company requires. For example, a medical supplies company might hire a marketing consultant to come in and advise them on how to market their products.

To get a good idea about what consulting services are most in-demand right now you can go to Upwork.com and type in keywords such as “consulting”, “operations consulting”, and “marketing consulting”. This will show you a list of the companies (and the industry they are in) that have consulting projects listed.

2. Internet Software and Services

Companies are looking for freelancers to build them custom software applications, as well as custom web and mobile applications. If you are a web development agency this is a good niche to target.

3. Consumer Discretionary

Ecommerce companies in this space sell non-essential products online. These types of companies will usually be looking for freelancers or agencies to build an eCommerce website, and projects requiring consulting services.

4. Healthcare industry

The healthcare industry is a rapidly growing industry, and like other fast-growing industries healthcare companies are looking to find any advantage over their competitors. These companies are looking for freelancers to build them websites, custom applications, and consulting work across multiple verticals. 

5. Consumer Staples

Companies in this category sell essential goods online. They will often post projects looking for help with sales and marketing consulting, data entry, web development, and mobile application development.

6. Publishing

Companies in the publishing industry are looking for editors, copywriters, authors, fact-checkers, marketing consultants, and more. The publishing industry is made up of companies usually selling books online and they require help to grow and scale their businesses. For example, companies might need help to set up and sell books on Amazon and other eBook websites.

7. Education

Education is a major growth industry at the moment. Companies in this industry are looking for help with setting up online course websites, help writing course materials, as well as help to market their courses to potential customers.

8. Advertising

This niche is made up of online and offline marketing agencies looking for freelancers to help them with project delivery for their clients. Some of the most in-demand skills are people with experience running Facebook and Google advertising campaigns. Within this niche, there is also a high demand for sales support and lead generation services.

9. Specialized Consumer Services

This is an industry-focused on services such as legal services, environmental issues, and social services. They are very niche services for web developers and specialized consultants.

How Can I Use This Information to Make My Upwork Profile Better?

When you are writing your profile and researching the best industries to target, try to work out which industries offer the highest paid projects. You can try to create standardized offerings that you can resell to many clients which will allow you to scale your business.

For example, you could target the publishing industry and offer a specialized service offering to help companies within this industry market their online books. On your profile, you could include case studies for this industry and testimonials from past clients showcasing your work.

The Bottom Line

If you can specialize you will make more money as you will sign up clients easier and be able to scale the services that you provide to your niche. You can also upsell other services such as advertising services and optimization services to your existing clients once you sign them up. The more you can specialize the more money you will make, and the faster you will grow your business.

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