The Difference Between Information Marketers And Coaches – How To Choose A Coach

In this article, you’ll find out the difference between information marketers, and coaches. This is my current personal opinion which is subject to change.

Here’s how an information marketing scene works: people are paying for leads, people are doing joint venture deals for them, and offers have to convert. They don’t just have to convert a little bit, they have to convert a lot. Otherwise no one is going to work with you, and you can’t compete in traffic space.

Here’s the deal, 95% of their buyers of informational products don’t actually implement (this is common knowledge), but you still have to sell to them. You still have to sell to the 95% who don’t implement, and the 5% who do. This doesn’t necessarily mean the product is crap – a lot of the products out there are crap – and some products you buy on the informational marketing scene are actually good.

Some products, some informational marketers fully take advantage of the 95%, and don’t provide any value. So when you’re buying an informational product, you need to be aware of that. There are some good products; there are some good names in the market, and some bad ones.

Even the guys who are actually providing the value, actually selling you valuable information, they are also selling to the 95% who don’t implement. Many people wonder why the 95% who buy the product, don’t implement. An example from the fitness niche, is that people aren’t looking to buy a solution – they already know they should eat less, and exercise more, (this is well known by everyone).

The reason why they buy informational products repeatedly, is that they’re looking for an excuse to justify their lack of results. If you can tell yourself that ‘I’m not getting results because I have bad information, bad genetics, I just eat too many carbs, and fats’. If you can come up with an excuse repeatedly, you can say ‘it’s not my personal responsibility’. They buy into it; they buy into excuse after excuse after excuse.

This is subconscious, they’re not actively looking for an excuse, they’re not actively looking for ways not to become skinny. They’re doing it on a subconscious level because it’s an ego thing.

The difference between the information marketers (who try to sell to everyone) and the coaches that I know, and work with is that before you even work with them, they screen you. They check to see if this guy is going to implement, and then if yes, maybe he or she is a good candidate. Then they go through the process, and take you on as a client.

If you’re part of the 95%, and you’re in the interview process with the coach – he can tell. The 95% will says things like ‘I will do that someday’ they’ll give a million different excuses, and the coach will tell them to come back when they’re 100% sure, and of course they never come back (sometimes they do after a year if they’ve worked on their inner game).

These are the coaches I know, who will not work with the 95%; they screen them out. Now, the better way I’ve found to work, is that you create the free content, and you take people from the 95% to the 5%.Once they’re in that category, then you sell to them, then they’re forced to implement, because if they don’t the coach won’t take them on.

You educate your audience, and once they’re ready to implement, then you sell to them – it’s a completely different kind of way of working there. The good coaches I know, work with the 5%, and screen out the rest, because it’s a waste of their time, and they’re completely focused on the result.

The effect of focusing on people who will get results, is that they develop a huge momentum of delivering results. As a coach, if 80% of your clients implement, and get results, (they focus on getting results), then that’s a sign you’re a good coach.

When you’re looking for a coach, make sure he screens you, you don’t want to be working with one where his attitude is, ‘yeah everyone join me’. He’s not a coach then, he’s an information marketer; I’m not against that – I’m against the ones who sell to 95%, and don’t deliver to anyone.

I’m not an information marketer, I am a coach, so I screen people out, and if you’re coach I have a challenge for you. It’s very, very hard but if you get the hang of it, your business will be dealing with clients who want to buy from you, instead of product launch after product launch. They tell their friends about you, they want to work with you for a long time. This is the kind of business I want to start, and if you’re a coach, and if you want to start that kind of business, talk to me.

I want to help you develop your business, if you have any questions ask them below.

Aleksander Vitkin

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