The 5 Secret Methods Top Entrepreneurs Use To Succeed

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In this video I’m going to talk about the five things that the most successful 2% of entrepreneurs do that most people just won’t do because they’re too stuck in their ways or they’re too lazy or they just don’t want to succeed or they don’t know how to succeed.

So in this video I’m going to give you the five things that I have noticed from my own research and experience, and talking to my most successful friends on what they do that allows them to be more successful than others, and after this video, be able to replicate at least some of the results if you implement.

So, the first one is one of their habits is or one of their things that they understand is that time tends to be circular in the sense that you have to keep relearning lessons unless you learn them in a very specific way. For example, I learned about six years ago that when an employee says a certain thing and it doesn’t matter what it is, it’s just a certain type of behavior from employees or freelancers that you work with when they say that or they do that this is a sign that you should not work with them anymore because most likely they’re unhappy about something but they’re not telling you and they’re well beyond the point where you can save the relationship.

So I notice, and I note when this happens to ask them questions and make sure that they’re not going to, like sabotage the business for example, I know that and yet, I have repeated that mistake three times where I don’t check and then an employee quits at the most inopportune times. I knew it and yet I repeated the mistake and that is because I didn’t learn it in a way where it’s foolproof, and the way to learn it in business to make it foolproof is to add it to your process folder, okay because it’s actually impossible to remember every single thing and have like this perfect emotional connection to it so you magically remember it every time on command.

So just write it down and add it to your process folder in Google Drive where you have your hiring modes and just have it in a place where your easily able to access it, so when you do employee reviews or reviews on how your working with freelancers that you automatically bump in to this as one of the check boxes in your checklist for should you keep working with this person? So the second thing is they know that they don’t know anything and that they’re still learning. Okay, this seems very counter intuitive but this is the most successful guys that you know Aleksander and it’s from your own experience.

Yeah but once someone says that they know everything, that they have it figured out, that they’re already the man, like I’m the man, I know everything, like I’m good to go, I’m the boss, I am a business master. Once you’ve met someone like that, once someone behaves like that you know they’re on the way down, you know that they’re going to fail eventually, because anyone successful understands that their success is this very fleeting, temporary thing that they can hold on to and eventually they’ll have to let go of it.

They know that they’re gonna have to keep learning, they’re gonna have to keep improving and if they don’t they’re to fall like a stone and sink into the ocean essentially so they’re not gonna succeed in business any longer. The moment someone thinks they’re the shit and they’ve made it, you know they’re on the way down or at least they’ve hit the top.

The most successful guys, they keep learning, they stay humble, and they just keep developing themselves because they know there’s no such thing as static growth, you need to improve not stay the same.

Another thing that I’ve noticed is the most successful guys, they think long term. So, our brain can think in two different ways or you can, there’s so many categories, so many different ways we can partition the brain intellectually, but I noticed two main ways, long term and short term, or two main ways that apply to entrepreneurs the most.

So, the short term thinkers, they’re like how do I make short term profit? This is very, very common among small business owners. How do I make a small profit, now I’ve got a better ranking on Google Maps and I’ve got some good reviews, how can I make a short term profit, how can I lower the quality of the food?

Have you ever gone to restaurant and after a few months the quality of the food goes down as it becomes more popular? It’s not just because they can’t scale it’s also because they got complacent. They’re like, we deserve this, let’s start making the real money now, time to get rich. I’m gonna be rich. and then they plummet again because their reviews start sucking and people call them out, you can’t fool clients.

The fourth one is what I call balanced obsessiveness there are some other terms for it but let’s just keep it with balanced obsessiveness. It’s not a very nice word, obsessiveness. What being obsessed means is you put business as your number one priority in life, okay, that’s what you spend eight to 10 hours a day, focused work everyday, five to six days a week. So everything around that or everything else later is built around that in support of the business.

Why balanced?

Because you need to have a balanced life.So it’s not just let’s work.It’s not just need to work 16 hours,it’s eight to 10 hours and only five to six days a week,it’s nothing too crazy it’s balanced because you need to have that balance otherwise you get burnouts which means you can’t work effectively anymore, but at the same time you do focus on business primarily,and it’s very important like a lot of guys they think they’re gonna work 20,30 hours a week and be successful in business,they’re absolutely wrong.

So the last point, point number five is to have a strong defense, okay so this is from a book called The Road Less Stupid. So the book, The Road Less Stupid, mentions that the strongest businesses and the best businesses in the world, they actually have the strongest defense. When things go bad, they know how to keep succeeding because no matter how good you can build something if something goes bad, if the business at this point just deteriorates in to nothing, it doesn’t matter what you’ve built because it’s gone.

Aleksander Vitkin

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