This is How Samuel Built a Thriving Ecommerce Marketing Agency (By Following a Proven Business Model)

I would like you to meet one of our BMI members, Samuel. I thought his story might inspire you.


Samuel has been a BMI member since 2015 and runs a company called CRO Gurus ( His company specializes in eCommerce website optimization, which is essentially helping his clients to increase the revenue they earn from existing website visitors.


When Samuel joined BMI he was selling WordPress websites and cold calling architects, accountants, and other business owners to try and make sales. According to Samuel this was very tiring and didn’t result in many sales. To put it bluntly, he needed help or his business risked closing down for good.


Samuel joined BMI and we did a full evaluation of his business. Together we decided that his sales strategy would have to change as well as the service he was offering.

At the time the Shopify platform was really taking off and there was a huge demand for help with installing Shopify stores. Samuel thought offering this service would be a really good fit for him, so he went ahead and started to offer it. 

After finding success offering Shopify implementation services Samuel found that clients were starting to ask him if he could help them with optimizing their websites to help increase sales. This seems like a great service to also offer clients, and now Samuel’s company works on eCommerce optimization full time. He now has a team of freelancers that he works with to deliver this service to a range of happy clients.

Through BMI Samuel says he learned all about hiring freelancers and how you can use them to carry out specific functions within your business, specifically to cover areas where your own expertise is lacking. Hiring freelancers allowed him to scale his business and now he focuses on actually ‘running the company’ which was a very welcome change for Samuel after a few years of hard hustle.

For Samuel, running a consulting company was always his dream, but he knew that it would take a while to build up trust with clients, BMI was able to help him with this. Samuel says BMI mentors advised him to focus on content marketing. He set up a YouTube channel where he started to upload videos focused on topics to do with the services he was offering, it allowed him to show clients that he and his company already actually know what they are talking about.

Another important aspect of the BMI program for Samuel was learning how to sell. Working with BMI mentors allowed Samuel to implement a successful sales funnel for his agency that resulted in signing up for more clients. He learned how to generate an inbound funnel and generate inbound leads so that he didn’t have to cold call anymore, for Samuel this was especially great after so many years of rejection. The confidence gained from this part of the program was hugely helpful for Samuel he says.

Where Is He Now?

Samuel says that going through the BMI program was life-changing. He is now at the point where he is able to generate enough money from his business that he doesn’t have to have a day job. Without BMI he wouldn’t have been able to learn how to use high-quality sales funnels, identify better services to offer, how to market his services, and how to leverage the power of freelancers. The BMI program and being part of the BMI community are a massive factor in his success he says.

Samuel says that if you don’t want to be in a job you don’t like all of your life, and you are prepared to put the hard work in to build your own online business then BMI is an amazing opportunity for you. You should definitely join.

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Aleksander Vitkin

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