Samuel’s Ecommerce Agency Success Story

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Samuel here. I’m a BMI member since 2015 and I run a company called CRO Gurus – We do eCommerce optimization basically, so mainly to conversionary optimization right now, so what we do is we help them get more revenue and profits out of their existing visitors.

When I joined BMI, I was just selling WordPress websites and cold calling architects, accountants, and doing that. It was very tiring, but I also got results from it. I got to a point where I knew nothing about sales and definitely knowing nothing about websites to a pretty good point where I was able to generate money from that and didn’t have to go to a job to get paid. I did for nine months, so until the end of 2015 where I then learned to generate an inbound funnel and generate inbound leads so I didn’t have to cold call anymore and that was really fun after a lot of rejection. It can get tiring.

So, what we did then is just selling Shopify stores and overtime Shopify was getting big at that time, so that was a really good fit for me. Now, learned that very well and wanted to move over to the consulting side. So, people were asking me, “Okay, how do I “actually make a store that sells?” Okay, “what could we improve to increase the profits?” And that started to be a topic of a real passion for me.

Eventually I just started doing that exclusively and now it’s working very well. I have a team of freelancers that I use for some specific functions and also to cover up where my own expertise is lacking a little bit and really enjoy running the company which is a very welcome thing after a few years of hard hustle. Yeah, always wanted to run a consulting company, but you can’t really start one randomly out of university. It takes a while to get direct trust of big clients, but we were able to gain that with some content marketing as well.

Now, I have a YouTube channel that also BMI helped set up so we have some good content guaranteed that okay we already actually know our stuff We’re not just fooling around (muffled speaking). Yeah, we learned so much over the years, so we have mainly two things, sales and operations. So, you have each generation you have sales, you have operations. So, they’re really the points where your business is made or failed. BMI has been really helpful there, 

Before that, I didn’t know anything about how to run an online business. I was just completely clueless. You get taken from a complete beginner all the way hand-held through a pretty advanced level by now. It’s a pretty unique model where you basically have your own sales process every time and that you implement. That is the same, but the 10 people might be using different methodologies like, okay maybe some people have an internal theme. Some people don’t want to have the internal theme. They just work with freelancers and there’s some people that actually use other agencies. That really works.

So, there’s a lot of different fits. There’s no one size fits all approach there, but I’m sure everybody will be able to find a way that fits them personally. This is for people that are looking for something different. It’s not your average mastermind where you’ll learn general things about business. It’s a very focused implementation, focused mastermind where you’re constantly pushed to get success and ideally, your life situation is either you have some time. 

You’ll definitely have some time to implement, but that would be best for let’s say students or you’re somewhere earlier in your career where you have some skills already, but are looking for more freedom, being more in charge of your own results.

Maybe you don’t want to be in a job where you’re only gonna get five percent pay increase every year or you’re gonna be stuck in what you can achieve. With this, with business you can really achieve anything so, the sky is the limit I believe. And we have some people proving it. Every month I get updates from people that are making a lot of money from this.

Aleksander Vitkin

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