This is How Sabina Went from Project Manager for An Agency to Owner of a Successful E-commerce Agency

I wanted to share with you a great story from one of Business Mentor Insiders (BMI) members, Sabina. She has built up an e-commerce agency that specializes in building Shopify and WooCommerce stores for clients all over the world. This is her story…

Sabina joined BMI in August 2018 and at the time was working full time as a project manager for an agency. She joined because she was becoming unhappy at her job and felt like she was being underpaid. She really wanted to build her own business, and gain freedom over her life and be able to travel the world. Luckily for Sabina one of her friends was already a member of BMI and they verified for her that it was a legit program to join.

The first thing Sabina learned from BMI was how to find clients online using tried and tested sales funnels. Previously she had tried herself to sign up clients using the Upwork platform but couldn’t manage to close any sales. She says she was really amazed at how quickly she was able to put into practice what she learned through BMI and started securing clients for her newly established agency. Before joining BMI Sabina says she never thought she would be good at sales, she even had previously done an internship that involved door to door sales and was really bad at it. BMI helped her to get the right mindset, which in turn made her more confident – which helped her to become better at sales.

Sabina’s goal was to quit her job and start traveling whilst working on her business within 3 months of joining BMI. After putting into practice what she learned she was able to achieve this goal. After traveling around for a while, she began to become more and more motivated to build a bigger business, she was especially motivated by how well other BMI members were doing and wanted to emulate their success.

In order to start growing her agency, Sabina began to dedicate more time to joining in on BMI coaching calls, interacting with other BMI members, and getting mentorship from BMI instructors. This really helped her to solve any problems she was having and it kept her really motivated to keep growing her business. 

Since joining BMI Sabina has constantly grown her agency’s revenues month on month. A large part of the revenue growth has come from hiring freelance partners (such as a web designer and a project manager) to help her with project delivery. She directly credits BMI with learning how to hire the right people and how to manage them.

Sabina is really excited about the future and is working towards growing her agency even more – both in terms of revenue and how many employees she has.

Did She Have Any Doubts Before Joining BMI?

Sabina says that she was worried if quitting her job was the best decision for her at the time and if she would be able to make it as an agency owner. She says that with the help of BMI and her own tenacity and hard work she now could never imagine going back and working for someone else.

Who Should Join BMI?

Sabina says that running a business is not for everyone, it does take hard work and dedication. But if you are prepared to do the work and you want the help and support of an amazing community then BMI is a great choice for any aspiring entrepreneur.

So, Do You Want to Grow Your Business Just like Sabina Did?

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Aleksander Vitkin

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