Should You QUIT College To Start A Business?

In this article you ill find out whether you should go to school or start a business now.

Which cases do I say quit everything you’re wasting your time?

I had multiple clients say they don’t have time because they’re going to school. In most cases I say fine finish your school, school is school, we’ll talk afterwards. I have one client who is already making money online. He’s an IT professional teaching people how to build apps and he sells source code at the same time. A full time online income, yet he goes to college, getting taught by professors who know less than him. They’re not making any money, they’re just teaching this stuff. They are not tested in the real world, none of them are, I asked him. They’re just professors who learned C++ like twenty years ago and now they’re teaching it. Okay cool so how is that useful now in the real world? It’s a little bit useful because you kneed to know some of this stuff its all related to each other, but its not as useful as what this guy knows. He can basically teach his professors if he really wanted to. So is he wasting his time in university? Yes, total waste of time. He should quit everything and focus on his business. He’s already building a business , he’s just wasting a bunch of time in college.

Are there any advantages to going to college?

Of course there are many advantages to going to college. You get to go to parties, you get access to people who are like minded, networking.But guess what if you’re making money you can go to networking events, you can go to parties, you can travel the world! You network with much more interesting people than the guys in college trust me on that. Even students in Harvard, iv’e met students from Harvard , they’re really smart very interesting, but to be honest if you want to meet really successful people, you pay a couple thousand dollars to go to a marketing event where people network. These people own a 7 -8 figure business. People there are much more interesting than anyone at Harvard. So don’t go to college just for the parties or the networking, there are much better places than that. Non traditional places.

Who else should be quitting everything?

when you can read a book and go implement it, then read the next book book and go implement it, then read the next book book and go implement it, then read the next book, its a valuable skill , if you don’t have this skill go to a good school maybe they’ll teach you if its a good school. Actually managing your own time, school teaches you a little bit of this, but you mostly learn at internships and jobs if you don’t know how to manage your own time you’re never going to own your own company period. It’s impossible to run a company if you’re all over the place. I’ve never seen any one do it. It’s really hard because then you get employees and you have to manage their time. So you better know how to manage yourself.

What can you learn from school?

Another valuable lesson iv’e learned in school is that it takes a lot of perseverance to actually become decent at something. I learned this at school, if you can learn it somewhere else fine. If your parents taught you this good job. Some of my best mastermind members, some of the best entrepreneurs I know went to school. They studied something very complicated. They can take a huge amount of information and just use it instantly. They use the scientific method, a very valuable skill . A lot of people I work with and a lot of good entrepreneurs know the scientific method. They know what data is and they know what opinion is, very separate things.

Successful people…

Notice very well. That’s why if you tell them to do something or give them advice they go do it. When they bring back what happened they don’t tell you some fluffy stuff they tell you the real stuff you need to help them. They know how teaching works. They know how learning works. They know that it takes real data to learn. Not just two little things. You need to do one thing a thousand times before you have any real data. You can’t make a decision after just doing 2 calls 3 videos you need to do a lot more work than that. Generally people who studied actually understand this and people who don’t study don’t, but some do. If you understand this without studying at a college , by all means give entrepreneurship a chance! It’s complete bullshit that you cannot become a student later in life. you can at 25 if you spend your life from 18-25 actually working. Sitting a your desk as an online marketer working 10, 12,16 hours a day
and managing your own life so you are satisfied meeting the right people. If you can do this yourself, by all means do it you are probably going to succeed. Every business is a step of processes that you need to implement and improve and reflect after you’ve done enough times.Learn and grow, if you can do this yourself by all means go ahead, if you cant go learn at a school, from mentors,internships or jobs.

Why are people afraid of leaving college, or abandoning the idea of college?

Really it’s an idea that you need to go to this place. If you don’t you are worth less in society. Not worthless but worth less in society. Everyone keeps telling you , well your father and I went to college and you know you cant get a good job if you don’t go to college. Of course they plant the idea of getting a job instead of making a business. You have to do the safe road travel the walk it path, whatever it is people say. My parents never told me that. Another reason people would be hesitant about this idea is because it would be the first time out of the safety net given by society. The path that says you’ll be safe, you will be successful and you will get a job. Well that’s not exactly true anymore. Getting a college degree doesn’t really mean anything. When I had a job, once for 8 months, no one actually asked me where my college degree was. They asked me what my experience was and what I could do for them. You know my strengths and weaknesses, they asked these kind of questions.

Isn’t there any more reasons?

The final reason i’d like to address is that people don’t believe that an online business, or business in general, is realistic. It’s not easy most people fail at it for many reasons. One of the most common reasons is that they just don’t do enough work. Its not unrealistic its completely realistic, hundreds of people I know own a business. Dozens of them own an online business. When I was doing cold calls five years ago , it worked. It didn’t work the first ten times but the 15th time I got a sale. Is that unrealistic? I earned half a monthly salary from that one sale , that’s not so bad is it. So it’s not unrealistic. There are plenty of people doing this, you just need to be around them. If you’re around them suddenly it becomes realistic. If you’re the only one who is thinking about it in college where everyone is headed towards a job, then its unrealistic.

What you are taught in college that is not useful if you want to become an entrepreneur.

You learn how to follow the rules. If you follow the rules and study really hard what the teacher tells you then you will succeed. You learn that if you get really good grades you will get rewarded. In real life you don’t necessarily get rewarded if you do well or if you do badly in a job. You may get a reward, you may not get a reward. It’s kind of random, sometimes you get rewarded if you don’t do a good job, its kind of weird like that. Also in business sometimes you can take the wrong decision and that ends up being the right decision it happens all the time. You need to obey those above you. You learn that you are stupid when you fail , in business you fail all the time making mistakes and these are lessons that you just learn and when other people make mistakes you just learn from their lessons . In school you learn that you don’t have to work very hard and things tend to work out anyway. I failed two exams and got two college diplomas. You learn that getting a job is enough. Everyone tells you its enough you don’t need more than this you have enough money. Well i’m not running a business just for the money its much more satisfying to be in control and to have the freedom. Of course I like making more money than at a job as well. In school you learn that by making long reports and long assignments will get you somewhere. Like if you make a long essay in college with complicated words you’ll get a better grade generally. None of this is useful in the real world. School hammers in completely useless lessons in to you year after year, so there are many disadvantages to colleges as well not just advantages. In fact if you can avoid college .

So that’s it, that’s how I would answer these questions. If you have any more questions leave them below!

Aleksander Vitkin

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