Nicolas Built a Marketing Agency Business That Generates Leads

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My name is Nicolas, and I run a multi-team agency that helps people. So, mainly E-commerce, fighting hard to get health products, and personal injury attorneys to get more high-quality leads for their businesses. This is all thanks to BMI, and I want to share my experience; of what’s been going on, how did I join it, what it’s like after everything that I’ve learned from.

I joined BMI about one year and a half, actually two years ago. I had no prior experience in business, I was still in my third year of college, and I had signed up to a couple of online money-making masterminds, and uh, I had a couple of spites that I had acquired through door-to-door. It was a hard feeling when I first signed them, because it was kind of a limiting belief that I had already scraped off, but what I realized is that it was scalable; wasn’t something that I could do long-term and I could do from anywhere that I wanted because one of the main things that I did want to do was travel with business and make enough money to be able to do this consistently. 

Funny thing is when I joined the other masterminds, this is something that I decided to do with one of my friends who joined other masterminds to be tested and after a couple months, we came together and talked about the pros and cons of each of our masterminds.

Lucky enough for me, he joined BMI, and after a couple months with my client that I acquired as I mentioned door-to-door, it was starting to get stressful. I was basically freelancing for them full-time, and then there were a lot of downsides to that in terms of having limited revenue, limited community-like environment that I could refer to, If I had any questions. 

Basically, he taught me about his experience with BMI; how he was already posing sales online and running his business online without having to do door-to-door sales, or having to walk or commute to work everyday. 

Basically, I decided to take the money that I acquired from the first client ever that I got from the other mastermind through of like, doing marketing for people, and I joined BMI. After joining BMI, one of the main things they do is they crush your limiting beliefs, they tell you exactly what needs to be done for you to get your online business started as soon as possible. And they give you the tools to make sure that this business is successful as quickly as possible. 

The way they do that is they give you the proper mindsets, they tell you the proper tools. Material or non-materials, so mindset wise and to be able to achieve your goals, and the main thing that they teach you also is sales, and sales can be misinterpreted as something bad, but sales is all about clear communication about a great service you can provide and bring value to other people’s lives and businesses. That’s the main thing that I’ve learned from BMI. That’s the most valuable thing that I’ve ever learned from any masterminds, or anything that I’ve done. School-wise or educational-wise, so I’m very grateful for that.

As I mentioned beforehand, I was stressed, I was needing to work, I was– had limited options in terms of how much clients I could get, but with the new systems that BMI had taught me, I was able to sign sites online, I could work from anywhere, and that basically changed my life in terms of being flexible, I could start traveling,so within three months, I was making a steady 3.5k per month, and basically, from there I was starting to travel. I met a couple of other people from BMI, and that’s one of the things that I really appreciated about this community. It is very bonded in terms of having the same kind of mindsets in terms of “you want to be spontaneous, you want to be independent, you want to be able to outdo yourself everyday, not just business-wise, but fitness-wise and putting yourself out of your comfort zone and getting your best whatever you do in life”. 

I got the chance to travel and meet with those people. Eat with them, live with them and do a lot of cool stuff with them. You know, besides the course content, you know and being incredible value that you can get from calls, so it’s not just a course content kind of mastermind and it’s all about community, but it’s basically they give you course content about sales, about various products that you can sell online. But also, you get a lot of help in terms of training calls, coaching calls.

Every week I think we have a dozen of them, on a weekly basis that basically eliminates every limiting belief that you have, every excuse that you have for you to take action to be able to grow your business, to achieve your financial goals, and be able to get to where you want to be basically you know six months from now, a year from now. I would have never dreamt of you know, being at- in the position that I am at, at the moment. 

BMI gave me the tools to be where I’m at, so I work with people who are all over the world, so mostly the US at the moment. I’ve worked with a couple of people in Australia and a couple of people in the UK. You know, it’s difficult to explain when you transition from mindset of being a freelancer to a business owner, where you feel more in control, you want to take more healthy calculated risk, not just in business, but also in life, like challenging yourself in some public speaking, trying a new workout, which sounds silly, but it actually makes a difference in the long run. An in more macro-scale, that’s what BMI does for me and if I ever need — if I ever lose my patience in any point.

For example, I can always hop on a call, catch up with a couple of friends that I have on BMI, like we’re basically a big family. And any business questions that I have are answered, if I just want to hang out, that’s cool as well — that’s my honest preview of BMI. If you are like me, where I was two years ago, where you have goals of traveling the world, being financially free, and having the tools to actually make things happen. Like my number one advice to you would be to take the steps, to join BMI, because that’s kind of the best decision ever, that I’ve made for myself.

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