Mihai Runs a Facebook Marketing Agency

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My name is Mihai. I’m running a Facebook marketing agency. We are helping businesses in the fashion industry, wedding industry, and real estate industry to generate more leads, more sales, via the Facebook and Instagram companies.

Before joining BMI, I was just freelancing and struggling getting more clients. I always wished to build an agency, but I faced a lot of problems when it came to generating more leads, qualified leads, when it came to closing sales and also I was struggling with the delivery.

By joining BMI, I was able to get the process that helped me to find more clients, to know how to close those clients, and the most important thing to know exactly how to deliver high quality services for those clients. Also, a good thing that happened after joining BMI is the fact that I improved my English. I was barely speaking English but being in such a group where everyone was facing similar problems to what I was facing gave me confidence and a certitude that I can get the same results as the other members are getting. 

Being in the group is something that I was always wishing, to be guided by people who are actually in business. Not by random teachers that are teaching stuff that isn’t actual anymore. Being in the group means that I get advice from people that have agency like mine. Bigger agencies who are facing partners or managing huge budgets for big companies. And every time I have an issue I can go on the group and ask for advice for a qualified person. In terms of my personal revenue after joining BMI, let’s not talk about numbers but I can tell you that my revenue went up with at least five, six, seven, x more than I was earning before joining BMI.

So, if you consider joining Aleks’ group, I can only recommend you to do it. Don’t hesitate to book or call our team now and your life will change.

Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.