This is How Mihai Built a Facebook Marketing Agency and 7xed His Revenue

Meet Mihai - one of our Business Mentor Insider (BMI) members. I thought you would love his story and you might feel inspired by it.

Mihai runs a Facebook marketing agency, specializing in helping businesses in the fashion, wedding, and real estate industries.

Before joining BMI he was a freelancer but had always wanted to start his own agency. He says that he put off launching his own agency as he wasn’t sure about how he would be able to sign up clients. The whole sales process from generating leads to closing the sale was confusing for Mihai. 

However, when he joined BMI he was able to learn about sales funnels and how he could implement a sales funnel for his new agency. The new processes he learned covered everything from where to find new clients to how to get them onto sales calls and then close the sale. The most important part Mihai learned wasn’t so much how to make sales, but how to deliver a high-quality service to his clients. Once Mihai knew how to implement a good sales funnel he said he became much more confident about his ability to sign up clients.

Another great advantage of joining BMI for Mihai was how he was able to drastically improve his English skills – which have come in very handy signing up clients from around the world.

The ability to interact with and learn from other entrepreneurs who are all having similar problems was great for Mihai. He loved how he could ask questions and get answers from people who had been where he was before. It was great to get practical advice from people who actually knew what they are talking about, as opposed to teachers in a classroom that probably haven’t even run a business before. Seeing how successful other members had been was really motivating for him as well. Other BMI members were running agencies and bringing in high revenues, which was where Mihai wanted to take his agency business. He was inspired by their success.

Where is he now?

Mihai is now running a successful agency, which is growing month to month. He says that since joining BMI his revenue has grown 7x in size and he still sees plenty of room for growth. He says if you want to learn how to implement a successful sales funnel and learn from other successful entrepreneurs then joining BMI is a great choice for you – he says your life will change for the better.

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