Jan’s Ecommerce Marketing Agency Story

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I’m Jan and what I’m doing is I’m providing Facebook ads as a service to e-commerce businesses. I’m helping them get more sales, more profit, more revenue, that type of stuff. I joined BMI about two years ago now, slightly more, a couple of months more, but round and round in range. And before I wasn’t really content with the type of work that I was doing just because I couldn’t really be in control. I couldn’t have the type of impact and responsibility that I wanted to have, just due to circumstances in my previous workplace that they are out of my control.

So, what I learned when joining BMI, Business Mentor Insiders, was mainly sales and also critical thinking. So, those are the two main things that I’ve gotten from it. And essentially beforeI would have bad tonality. You could argue it’s still not perfect, definitely is not. And what I was struggling with was basically getting paid what I was worth because I was really struggling with that, sort of stuck situation with the previous workplace I was in, especially if you want to pay for insurance, you want to pay for rent, all these types of expenses. They just wind up adding up.

You see yourself stuck pretty fast in there just because the expenses are so high and you need to keep working in order to just survive, but you’re not actually going to move forward in terms of your life situation. And their learning sales has been really, really helpful for me. There’s, like in before I was really, really struggling with it. It was one of the main sticking points. 

And just the training material in the course really, really helped with that. You got a specific process. You could just go ahead, copy paste it into your own business. Obviously there’s slight differences between services and stuff like that, but overall the general principles wind up applying so you can just go ahead, copy paste that and use it which I did. Initially I didn’t. I tried to be super creative and stuff like that, but once I started actually implementing and just listening to what the people and the mastermind were saying, what Alex was saying, it wound up to really prove itself to work out really, really nicely.

Especially if you compare it to the situation I was in before. It’s a difference like day and night. So, it was really good. Now the situation is that I have around ten clients. Sometimes it’s a bit more, sometimes it’s a bit less. There all pretty stable, so they’re all happy with the service that is being delivered because I know how to set expectations with them which is also something that you’re learning in the course. So, it was really, really helpful.

Then my network just drastically improved in terms of people who I have around me. Where am I going for dinner with because the city that I live in there’s other members of the mastermind so that is really, really good. There is definitely a range of people in there. There are people making less but there are also people making really high amounts, so from them you can just learn a ton. You can model what they’re doing. You can look at the principles that they’re doing See how that can apply to your specific situation and overall just a very helpful environment to be in essentially, right?

Because you might know as a human your brain is, like you’re in group think constantly because you’re constantly monitoring what other people are doing around you. What is an acceptable behavior? What is an unacceptable behavior, right? And as much as you like to think that you’re this independent person, usually most people at least are not. Like 99% of something unless you have a link or something messed up in your brain or something like this. But usually you wind up looking at your environment. You wind up monitoring what they’re doing and you’re trying to emulate it, right, because you want to fit in. Humans are social animals, that type of stuff.

So, for that it was really, really helpful because what it winds up doing is it winds up lifting up your standards to a level where you’re dissatisfied with something that a lot of people would be actually satisfied with, right?

So, you keep implementing and the results you’re gonna wind up getting are a lot better. It was probably, other than the sales part, it was probably the second most valuable thing that I’ve gotten out of the mastermind. So, in terms of my life situation, I can be where I want to be. I obviously don’t have an infinite amount of money, right, but I can essentially whatever city I want to be in in Europe I can just go there and I’m not gonna be struggling financially.

What I’m currently doing is I’m rotating between Barcelona and Warsaw, right, just because Warsaw is really good as  city, at least in my opinion, as an environment. It’s very business-minded and Barcelona is just nice to be, right, so I’m just kind of rotating these two while I make sure to be compliant with all the guidelines and everything that are required in terms of taxes and stuff. 

My main thoughts before I joined there, mainly, I wasn’t really too concerned if this is gonna work or if this is not gonna work just because I knew one person that was in this group and it was working well for him and so I wasn’t really doubtful regarding that.

However, what I was doubtful was that I have enough time to put into this and I have enough resources to put into this, right, so essentially what my situation was, I was working a day to day job, eight hours a day and I was wondering if it would be doable to do this at the side, right? Because if you wind up working too much your other work winds up suffering, etc, etc.

So, what I wound up doing is I wound up working three hours additionally to these eight hours as well as a couple of hours on the weekend. And the way I did it wasn’t actually that smart because instead of just implementing what people are telling me which is definitely the best thing to do initially because you don’t have the references, experiences to have the critical thinking in place, to figure the information properly, and you don’t have a base concept of principles that are working, right?

So, what you need to do is you need to listen to people that have these principles, figure it out. The way you do this is you’re looking at the results and what you do is you just wind up modeling that initially and then you get more references, the framework they’re working in, and then you can tweak it in a way that’s working for you. Again, I completely didn’t do that. I did the complete opposite. I just did my route essentially, so it actually took me three months to get my first client. Or I think it was two, yeah, it was two clients, two months, sorry, and one client. It took really long comparatively to what I saw other people were doing. It was just the way I was implementing it was I tried to make things too correct. I was too perfectionistic about it and I didn’t just go ahead and implement it. 

So, it was my main concern in terms of time. I made it a lot harder for myself than it needed to be just because, again, I wasn’t just following what people were telling me to do. I was a little bit stubborn and essentially it still wound up working. Again, I could have done it a lot smarter, less time, less effort, etc, etc, and more results essentially. But it was basically the main part in terms of my concerns that I initially was having.

I want to talk a little bit about who specifically this is for, right, and essentially it is for people who are basically in the situation that I used to be in, right? So, I was struggling with leveraging my time, right? So, getting paid what I was worth essentially. And just being appreciated, having control over your life, right?

Also with the control there comes responsibility. So, I wouldn’t say it’s for someone who really dislikes responsibility because obviously there’s a lot of responsibility coming with running a company. There’s people who are depending on you. And also do different models, right?

For example, I have a friend in the mastermind who’s doing essentially almost all of the delivery himself. But generally speaking what you want to aim for is you want to aim for taking on more responsibility as well turns into a better person as well as your life and doesn’t necessarily suffer from it and actually winds up improving, right?

So, people that are around you, the type of thinking you’re at, the level of problems you’re having, all these types of things. Just really make sure that all of these things are in place, right, that you actually have a fairly decent work ethic added in. I do have friends who work in the same industry who don’t, right, but it just makes it more likely that the things are working out because you’re doing everything that is within your area of control, right?

It’s not necessarily a magic pill but what it’s gonna give you is especially initially it’s gonna give you a step by step guide of what type of service you need to sell, how to actually sell that service and there to sell its service. And it’s the most important part in order to get started. I really recommend you giving the mastermind a shot. Join one of the application calls. And there should be a button somewhere on the website most likely.

Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.