How Zan Built an 8 Person Ecommerce Marketing Agency From Scratch

I wanted to share with you a great success story from one of Business Mentor Insiders (BMI) members, Zan.


Zan runs his own ecommerce agency that helps businesses to improve their conversion rates, increase their advertising return on investment, and overall make more money. His agency focuses on helping more established companies rather than startups by helping them to become more competitive in their niches. 

The Problem

Zan joined BMI about 18 months ago. Before he joined he was working as a freelance content producer. He was looking for a way to start his own business and began trying numerous things to get going, but none of which worked out for him. The main problem he says was working out how to sign up new clients.

The Solution

After joining BMI Zan says that the biggest advantage has been given a road map to follow for how to make his agency business successful. He says that he literally learned an A to Z guide on what he would have to do, which he says speeds up the launch and growth of his business. This has given him lots of confidence in his business and in his personal life to be able to put himself out there into the marketplace.

Zan says that the support that you get from other BMI members is really amazing and helps you to stay on track and motivated. One of the great things of the program he says is that you are surrounded by other people who have ‘made it’ in business so you can see for yourself that the program actually works and you can see where you yourself want to end up.

Did It Work? 

Before he joined BMI he was worried that it was just another online course and he didn’t know if he would get anything out of it. He was also really worried that he didn’t have the skills or confidence to be able to put what he learned into action.

Once Zan joined BMI and started working in the program he says he has been blown away by how good it has been, and especially by how good the support has been from other BMI members.

He is now running an agency with a good number of clients and has eight full-time employees. He would recommend BMI to anyone who wants help and support to build up their own business, especially if you lack the confidence to start on your own. BMI is a great source of help and support for all aspiring entrepreneurs, he says.

If you would like to learn more about Zan’s journey from freelancer to agency owner please check out his video.

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Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.