How William Built A Boiler Room For His Marketing Agency


William is going to share with you how he built a boiler room for his marketing agency.

William thought that he could come up with a script that can be used by everyone and by just reading to trigger emotions in clients. It was not as easy as it seemed to be.

The main challenge for William was to find real qualified sales people for his marketing agency. He needed people who can produce sales for his company.

William was able to get a loan to buy more leads, so he was using other people’s money.

William did not consider all the hardware stuff that he needed to have. He had to take another loan, but banks did not take him seriously. They did not believe in his business plan. They thought that boiler rooms were successful 30 years ago, but not anymore. Banks said that this is not the current way of doing sales.

However, William did not give up and he started looking for investors to help him turn his idea into reality. He was not looking exactly for the money. That was secondary. William was looking for someone with experience and who has done that in the past.

William met in person with a CEO of a big company. The founder of that company was working for different successful IT companies with million dollar revenues. Furthermore, he was involved in more than 1 company that has achieved more than a billion dollars in revenue.

William was struggling a lot without any direction and was hoping that this person can give him really valuable advice that can show him the right way to achieve business success.

William’s mentor invested and took over the boiler room stuff with all negotiations, employees and management. They had daily conversations and stand up meetings. William’s mentor was there for the first few weeks until the system was up and running and he was not present physically for the optimization part.

Aleksander Vitkin

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