How Vlad Marketing Business After Quitting His Web Design Job

How’s this for a cool story? Last year Vlad was making just $6 per hour as a freelance graphic designer, working 16-hour days from his home in Romania. Fast forward to today and Vlad is now running his own Facebook marketing agency that pulls in six-figures working exclusively with book authors.

He was generous enough to sit down with me recently so that he could share some of the secrets to his success.

The first thing he wants to share with you is the power of making your business scalable. For Vlad, this meant hiring freelancers to help him with project delivery. He broke down a project into each part and started to hire freelancers like copywriters and graphic designers to do that specific task for each project. This has allowed him to scale his business by creating a structure in his business and implementing systems to make sure every step of a client’s project can be completed on time, to a high standard, and at a cost that is highly profitable for his agency.

When it comes to hiring freelancers Vlad says that you need to understand how to find the best candidates for each job and that you can’t be afraid to let the worst performers go if they don’t produce high-quality work. This was something that Business Mentor Insider (BMI) massively helped him with he says. After a lot of trial and error, Vlad says he has built up a loyal team that all work well together.

Another key lesson he wants to share is the power of focusing on a niche market when you first launch your online services business. When Vlad started his agency, he decided to focus his efforts on working with one specific type of client (in his case top-selling romance novel authors) – this has made marketing his services much more efficient and ultimately more successful. If you try to target too many different clients too early you will probably not stand out from the crowd and will fail to sign up new clients, he says.

Where Is Vlad Now?

Vlad is now traveling the world whilst working on his business. Luckily for me (and you), I managed to catch up with him in Barcelona where he is living for the summer. Vlad says that since leaving Romania he now feels more empowered over the direction of his life and is really enjoying the freedom that he now has.

He says that a lot of the change in his mindset can be directly attributed to what he learned through the BMI program and being surrounded by hundreds of other successful entrepreneurs. Vlad’s business is going from strength to strength and he is signing up new clients each month, some of which are prepared to pay six-figure retainers. Life is definitely looking up for Vlad and his agency!

If you enjoyed Vlad’s story and would like to hear more please check out this video of the interview that I did with him recently (the video is at the top of this page).

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