How to Start on Fiverr: From Nothing To 10K

So you’ve chosen your business model, you’ve researched all the freelance platforms and decided fiverr is the best choice (or the first you’ll dominate).

Here’s how to start on fiverr.

First, you need to make sure you take the actions of the most successful people on fiverr.

You see, there are many different kinds of sellers on fiverr. But the ones who make the most money treat their fiverr account like a business.

Treat Your Fiverr Account Like A Business

When you first get started, you’re not there to make money as quickly as possible (though you’ll get there soon!).

The most important thing is to get as many orders as you can and build a customer base.

You need to give people a reason to trust you and when you’re new, you don’t have that trust yet.

You don’t have any reviews that prove you’ve done good work in the past.

So the first thing you must focus on is…

Getting Reviews When You First Get Started

Get as many reviews as you can. Social proof is everything on fiverr because potential buyers can only judge you by reviews and recommendations.

Do damn good work for clients that make it easy for them to recommend you and write testimonials for your business. 

I can’t stress this enough.

You must provide the best service you are capable of, especially in the beginning.

One bad review can demolish your rating and anything less than 4 (really 5 stars) on your profile is a huge blow.

There are thousands of sellers who have five stars across the board, it’s a given and you must develop it.

You don’t send proposals on fiverr, you’re a part of a long list of freelancers and the only way you stand out is how you word your gig and your past performance.

How to Get Great Reviews and More Sales by Providing Excellent Service

You’d be surprised at the little things that get clients to give you 5 star reviews.

Simple things like getting back to your clients very quickly.

And over providing value like doing a little extra work that wasn’t explicitly paid for.

An example would be a copywriter writing 3 alternate subject lines for an email even though he was only paid to write the email and one subject line.

And when you’re speaking to clients directly, tell them you’re experience outside of fiverr as well. 

Have you been in business for 10 years before fiverr or something else?

But probably the most important thing you must do is…

Listen to Your Audience/Prospect: What Do They Really Need?

When you first start out, you may have a vague idea of who your prospects are and what they’re looking for.

You’re first gig will essentially be a test of that current vague idea.

After you’ve done a few gigs, worked with clients, and learned about their needs…

You’ll have the info to create a better, more targeted gig that fulfills a need in the marketplace.

Example: One of our mastermind members, Damiano, started out selling an ebook on drop shipping.

After speaking with people, he discovered there was a need for shopify store development.

That became his second gig and the backbone of his $10,000 per month Fiverr business.

But remember…

This Takes Time: 1-3 Months

Sorry, but if you’re looking for a quick-fix, push button and in-the-end bullshit solution to winning on fiverr then you’re in the wrong place.

It takes hard work to succeed and fiverr is no different. 

These first three months will be dedicated to building your credibility, over-delivering on work so that your clients have no choice but to leave 5 star reviews.

If you don’t do this, you’ll be creamed by other sellers who are viewed as proven, reliable and professional on fiverr.

You’ll need at least 15 five-star reviews to start receiving more traffic, more messages, and more money!

It’s worth it to invest time into getting reviews and building a business on fiverr because…

Here’s what Happens When You’re Trusted on Fiverr 

Fiverr has a level system, you start at level 0, then you can progress to level 1, 2 and finally Top Seller.

Once you’re promoted to level 1 seller, your rankings dramatically increase from level 0 and the quality of your clients do too.

Plus you can charge a fair amount more, but you’re not done yet. The real fun begins once you make it to level 2 seller.

I’ll use Damiano as an example again.

He’s a level 2 seller and he is SWAMPED with quality clients who are willing to pay top-dollar for his services.

It took him time to setup the foundation for his fiverr business but now that it’s done..

He earns 10K+ each month from fiverr and he’ll soon be at 20k per month! 

No more having to deal with stingy clients who try to squeeze you for top quality work while paying you peanuts. 

You can even become a Top Seller and once again you get even MORE leads, even more clients, and better paying clients. 

But it’s unnecessary; if you only get to Level 2, that would be good enough. (even Level 1 sellers can do very well!)

How to Start on Fiverr: A Summary

I’ve told you that the key to succeeding on fiverr is treating it as a business.

You must build a solid foundation of five-star reviews to create credibility and social proof for your services.

You do this by over providing value in the beginning, ensuring your first 15-30 clients give you amazing five-star reviews.

Future clients will look at these reviews and be happy to pay high prices for your services.

Besides that, you must fine-tune your gig and make sure they provide a service people really, truly need.

And you know all this effort, work and time is worth it because once your fiverr business is complete…

You’ll be able to make as much money as you want or need.

Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.