How To Sell Less and Market More

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I want to cover how to spend less time on sales calls,because probably, you spend time on sales calls if you’re in business.And if you’re selling a service,probably spend lots of time on sales calls.Now, maybe you like sales calls,but none of us want to spend the majority of our time doing sales calls if we can spend less time.Because if we can spend more time on getting more leads and building our business, and then,eventually hiring sales people, and so on.So, we want to spend less of our time talking to clients if the same work can be done in less time, right?It’s maybe a little bit confusing.But basically, we want to use more marketing to fix our sales call issues.

And in this livestream, want to explain to you how to do that, how to use marketing to improve the efficiency of your sales calls so that you ultimately make more money by spending less time on your business, well, on this part of your business. The first thing is, let’s say that a lot of the time you’re spending on objection handling. I had a call maybe last year, maybe it was a year and a half ago, and I remember spending 40 minutes, 40 minutes, and that was just objection handling. Now, I don’t know about you,but that’s not what I consider to be time well spent, because that’s 40 minutes of saying, “Yeah, I agree, sir,”person whose buying from me, “and this is very valid, but you know, here’s how to solve the problem, and here’s how to solve another problem, and another problem, and another problem,”and on and on it went.

So, no one looks doing this for too long.You have to have a huge amount of patience,and it’s kind of draining.So, it’s better to pre handle a lot of objections.You just save so much time, energy, and focus,by pre handling objections.So, the way to pre handle objections is you make a list of all the objections that are most common,that are most annoying,that you don’t want to deal with anymore, and then you pre handle them in your marketing, or early on in your sales call,so that it takes less time to deal with them later,or no time at all.

For example, if someone says, “I need to go,you know, I have an appointment,so I only have 15 minutes to talk to you,” how do you pre handle this?With marketing, you use a booking software to get them on the call with you, so you don’t have to tell them how long the call is on the call itself,the booking software told them, right?Or, if you don’t have that opportunity,maybe you can say that early in a call,you can say, “If I helped you decrease your Facebook ad cost,” or whatever you’re selling,”by 55% on this call,even if I don’t end up working with you, would that be worth 45 minutes of your time?

Do you have that available to you right now?”Then, they need to basically agree,so you kind of pre handle the whole time objections by getting them to agree to spend the 45 minutes with you.You could also put it on your landing page,or your booking page, “This call takes 45 minutes,”and, “because,” everything in their benefit, of course.Everything you say needs to be in their benefit,not in your benefit, and then people may actually listen to you, because they care about themselves, and their business,not about whatever it is you’re talking about.

So, pre handling objections, very powerful.Another way to pre handle objections on the call,like, if you don’t want to do it with marketing,is to, let’s say they have some other objections.Let’s say they have an objection like,”I don’t have any money for this,” right?So, early in the call, you can pre handle the objection,and you can say things like,”If we decide to work together,and this is the perfect way, the perfect program,perfect service for you to achieve the result that you want,and exactly what you want, and it’s magical,would you work with us in that situation, theoretically?I’m not asking you to commit to anything,but would you work with us if I costs like, $4,000,would you work with us potentially?Or is that something completely impossible and unthinkable for you right now?”

So, you kind of pre handled the money objection, they say, “Yeah, no, I’m able to get money,” right? They can’t say after they say, “I’m able to get money,” that they don’t have any money, because they already told you that they can get money, right? Another thing you can do is with marketing, with that specific objection, is you could put a money qualification, a soft money qualification, not, “How much money do you have?” But, “Are you able to get like, $1,000 investment for something?” Like, a soft qualification for money in your form that people fill in before they get on a call with you.

The next thing I want to talk about is you want to instill scarcity and urgency  into your funnel, right?So, you want to do it in a non-bullshit way,not in a weird, info marketer way,but in a intelligent way.So, scarcity, what is scarcity?It’s, “There is not a lot of this,” right?”It’s not a commodity, and we don’t work with that many people, but we may want to work with you under certain circumstances.”

So, you can specify during the application process how many people are applying, and how many people get accepted, and you don’t have to bullshit people. Like, if your business can only work with seven clients per month, just say, “We only work with seven clients per month. We’re looking for the best success stories, or future best success stories. Are you gonna be the one?” Like, you want to instill that scarcity in your funnel. And, in terms of urgency, you want to say, “We are only talking to new prospects the first 10 days of the month,” or something like that, right?”

So, usually, the first 15 days of the month,all our spots for new clients get filled up,so you would have to join our waiting list,but if you talk to us now,we are still not filled up,’cause it’s day 14, tomorrow’s day 15.”  You instill this scarcity and urgency,the real scarcity and urgency that is really in your business, you instill that into your funnel,’cause you want to communicate that.You want the people talking to you to know that so they appreciate your time more,and they’re more likely to buy.

If you read books like “Persuasion” by Cialdini, he teaches this type of stuff, it’s very basic. But, you know, who the hell does it? Almost no one. It is very important to do this in your funnel, because it handle a lot of issues, potential issues on a call when people are not willing to make a decision now for whatever reason. “Yeah, but do you want to be one of the seven people that we work with right now in this month, yes or no? Because the opportunity doesn’t just pop up every month. It doesn’t pop up every year, even, so you may want to consider making a decision here, because our best clients obviously made a decision.”

The third thing that I want to cover is you want to have proof. This is actually the most important thing, okay? You want to have lots and lots of proof on your funnel, everywhere. Like, if you go to my website, I’m not fabricating anything, and you shouldn’t fabricate anything, but all the proof that you have, put it all over your funnels all over your website. Any testimonials, video testimonials, certificates, certificates from the government, if possible and applicable, like ISO certificates, whatever you can get in terms of proof. Mentions in major publications. If you’re on, or you’re in Forbes, you want to mention that.

Another thing is make sure people actually see all this. Like, how are you making sure people see this? Are you putting this in all your funnels? Are you using your video testimonials in all your funnels? Are you making sure that people have seen all the proof that you have, yes or no? Because, they probably haven’t, and you need to motivate them to see that. How is it in your benefit to see that you’ve been featured in Forbes? Why would they give a damn, right?

So, you need to think about all these things, and think about the fact that people don’t really care about you that much, so unless you talk about them in their language, and how you can solve problems for them. So, you know, “I’ve been featured in Forbes for my ability to solve this problem, and here’s the reason why that can help you.” That kind of stuff, not just here’s a logo, Forbes.

Those are my top four tips to spend less time on sales calls, ’cause this reduces the time you need to spend on sales calls dramatically, the amount of objection you need to handle, the amount of bullshit you deal with, second sales calls,like wasting time. It will reduce that by a lot, seriously. This is gold, this took me years to figure out.

Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.