How To Sell High Ticket Marketing Agency Services

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I am going to reveal to you how to sell high ticket offers on the Internet. You are also going to find out why most painters have hard times selling stuff online.

There are people who think that they know everything and they refuse to change their thinking. People have to approach life as if they are students and they have so much to learn. The way to achieve success in life is to keep learning and improving your skills all the time.

I am qualified to talk about this because I have closed hundreds of sales on the phone over the past few years and I have taught hundreds of people how to do the same. To be good at the sales, one needs to endure a lot and be able to handle a lot of rejection. Sales is the most important skill that you need to have to be successful in business.

People are stuck in this old mindset of how sales work. They are not focused on what works and what is going to increase their close rate.

How do you feel when your phone rings and you realize you’re receiving a call from a salesperson? For most business people, it’s interruptive, annoying, and distracting.

When most people think of a “salesperson,” they imagine a spammy telemarketer or used-car salesman. They associate it with the film “The Wolf of Wall Street”. The result is that many business people never learn how to properly sell their products and services. Most people think that they need to get on a sales call and they have to be very pushy. They think that they have to scam people and convince them into buying from you. This is a totally wrong approach.

In fact, you are there to serve. You have to show yourself as a trusted advisor. You need to have their best interest in mind. If you are not, people won’t buy from you and you will have to use these weird pushy sales techniques that do not work.

Most people are doing sales only for the sake of building an empire for themselves. That’s great, but you are on the sales call to serve and provide value to people. You are going to have all kinds of problems like refunds if you are not serving people. Good sales people can very easily detect other people who understand sales.

People buy based on emotion and motivation. You, as the sales person, are getting someone to an emotional state. People are not going to take the best decision for them if they are not in that state. Talk about things that are important to them. The further you go, the more emotion someone gets.

You need to show them the real reasons and sell them what they actually want. They don’t care about all the technical little details. They are interested in the final result that they are going to get.

If you understand this and you start using this on sales calls, you go really deep into people’s motivations and find out why they want to buy, you will see that they actually want to buy.

In our mastermind, we go through the whole process of how to make proper sales. We make it into a beginner friendly process, so beginners can learn sales by getting into easier sales calls and then get into really good sales calls as the difficulty level increases. The way to learn sales is through experience and using a simple proven process.

It does not take 3-4 years to learn sales anymore. On average, it takes 3-4 weeks to learn sales and get results in business.

Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.