How To Market Your Business Online

I get this question a lot in my mastermind, on facebook and youtube. How do you market your business? How do I let people know that my business exists.

People are extremely focused on “getting the word out there”.

But this comes not from personal “in the trenches” experience but rather marketing books and ads on TV…

These things give entrepreneurs and small business owners the impression that branding is all -important.

If you own a small business that doesn’t have deep pockets ike a fortune 500 company than this article is for you. 

And the first thing I’m going to tell you is that…

Marketing isn’t THAT Important(In the beginning)

Reaching thousands, tens of thousands or millions of people isn’t important for your business. 

When you’re just getting started, assuming you’re able to convert 10% of people you get in contact with and you want 5 clients…

Then you only need 50 people to know you exist and get in contact with you!

Forget about being in the newspapers or on Forbes or any other major website to “build your brand”.

Start prospecting, get on sales calls, get sales, get clients, get experience and earn money.

Find people who are likely to buy from you or sign up for your email list or signup for a call from your landing page.

Or join freelancer marketplaces and send proposals, get people scheduled for a sales calls and close them.

And if you have some money to play with…

You can hire a professional on Upwork who is a facebook ads or a clickfunnels expert. They can create a funnel for you with the goal of increasing sales for your service of product.

Once you have proved that your business works. That people want it and they’re willing to pay premium prices for it… And you’ve saved up some money to invest, then you can experiment with getting your word out there.

Getting Your Word Out There

Publish content, write guest posts for websites where you know your prospects like to go.

Get your word, your face and name out into the internet. Position yourself as an expert by providing value, good ideas and instructions (And after focusing on sales and delivering for good results for clients, this will come naturally).

Another way is to use a website called, it’s a Pr agency. You pay them a couple of hundred dollars and they place your articles in various newspapers.

This won’t generate more sales but what it will do is get you mentioned in major media. This brings you more traffic but more importantly if builds credibility for you and your brand.

Rich Schefren, a famous entrepreneur has sales pages but he doesn’t really need them.

His marketing, media mentions, website mentions… There’s just so much information written by him and on him that by the time people arrive on his website…

They’re already sold and ready to buy.

Another way is podcasts.

When you go on a podcast, the owner basically plugs you and gives you instant credibility.

Ben Settle, a very successful email marketer has used this time and time again to fill his list full of motivated, targeted buyers for his products.

They’re great because you have an hour to display your expertise and value. And if you’ve chosen the right podcast, then the people listening are great buyers for you and they’ll find you!

Youtube is another great way to market yourself. Especially in this day and age where people like to consume content through videos. Overtime you can have a huge list of videos for people to watch. And they’ll always be working for you on youtube. A video from 2 years ago could end up driving a client straight to your doorstep. 

That’s why I recommend trying to reach people in all formats available.

Whether it’s video, audio or the through the written word.

Try them all and figure out what and which websites is the best way for you to reach your idea buyer.

But be warned…

Marketing Takes Time

I laugh when I see the majority of products and gurus on the internet.

It reeks of “get rich quick” and the truth is that you can get rich quick..

But you can’t get rich without a ton of work. 

You MUSt work hard, diligently and consistently to succeed in business. 

And that is even more true for marketing because it takes so much time for marketing to start “increasing revenue”.

It took Rich Schefren half a decade or more of consistent, amazing work to build his marketing machine.

It took Ben Settle YEARS to build his email list. Which is considered the most responsive in his industry.

And in the end it’s worth it because now they reap the rewards of all that past work.

I’ve been writing content like this for 6 months and only now am I starting to see results!

I recommend you should focus completely on getting leads, getting those leads on calls and converting them into paying customers. That’s the fastest way to get revenue and actually have a business making money. 

Eventually you can focus on building a “brand” but always remember the end goal of everything you do.

If it’s not going to bring in more leads and sales into your business than it’s not worth the effort or the expense.

And remember, you don’t need marketing to make $50,000+ per month.

There are hundreds if not thousands of business with huge revenues that don’t market at all and they’re just fine.

That’s because above all, you need to provide a product or service that is top notch and recommended by those who use it. And you need to have a fantastic sales process that turns people into customers.

Without that, marketing is worthless and nearly impossible to do.

There are many ways to succeed in business. 

But whatever you do, always keep sales in mind when you’re marketing your business.

Good luck.

-Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.