How To Make Money Online While Traveling (Even If You Have No Experience)

I have been travelling for five years while making money online and I have taught hundreds of others to do the same. I have been to 35 other countries while running a business online that makes great money. People tend to think that if you want to travel and make money then you need to get a local job like bartending or something of the sort.

The reality

The problem is that usually when you travel to a place like Thailand, Spain, or a similar country, the place you have selected is a place where people do not often get paid much money. You are not going to get paid much money and you will most likely live almost as if you are a poor backpacker. These jobs also tend to require you to have the ability to speak the country’s native language which is often not English. For example: being involved in club promotion requires you to talk to many different people that speak different languages.

Another solution people use to travel is to become an English teacher or, “insert-language-from-other-countries-here-teacher.” This works especially well in places like Southeast Asia, though you are typically stuck in one location because you get hired by one school. Also, these jobs only typically pay a few thousand dollars per month, which is good, but not great.

Build a business

The best way to make money online while travelling is to build an online business. You can start with freelance work on websites like and by applying to an online project, getting the project, and then getting paid to deliver the results for the project. There are many types of jobs like translating if you know two languages, delivering and selling websites, and selling Facebook Ads. Each of these things are topics you can learn through a couple of weeks of concentrated study and are not difficult to grasp. Once you learn these skills, you can become a freelancer if you get people from UpWork and Freelancer on the phone and close sales.

Freelancing is great and a good place to get started, but eventually you will want to upgrade and turn what you have into an actual business where you are not the only person doing all the work. You can hire people from India or the Philippines where you only have to pay $3, $5, or even $8 per hour and a lot of the work can be done for you. Doing this will help you to not just be an employee who does all the work, but this will allow you to have other people who can deliver the projects, help you with sales, or whatever else you need assistance for.

This is great and works fantastically well, but you cannot run a business online if you do not have the rest of your life under control. If you are a backpacker who is always staying in hostels and is travelling every week then it does not work. You cannot run a successful business like that – there is no passive income because you still need to spend a majority of your time working. This is fine though, because you are travelling and this lets you spend a lot of time going around new places, climbing mountains, and going on trips.

How to handle living situations

In my experience, and I have tried many solutions, I have come up with the solution to move to a new country every 90 days. Sometimes you may need to only stay 89 days because a lot of countries make you pay taxes if you stay too long. To help the plan of staying 90 days max in countries and then moving to the next country, you can check out AirBnB, Craigslist, or other websites like Craigslist, to find affordable housing accommodations. I prefer living in a reasonable place downtown where everything is within reach, which is usually walking distance if it is in Europe, Asia, or the United States. Usually, in downtown areas in the United States, the living costs are higher than most other places.

If you move to a new country every three months rather than every week, you can actually build habits. These habits that you have built allow you to run your business which allows you to be a freelancer, or whatever else you are, while being able to maintain your work much easier. Write down your habits and keep executing them every time you got to a new place. This works much better than backpacking or travelling to a new country every day or week.

Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.