How To Make Money On YouTube (No Ads, No Sponsors)

You have probably seen other videos on YouTube explaining how to make money on YouTube. They all say something very similar about building a subscriber base, exchanging subscribers with other YouTubers, and getting paid by putting advertisements on your videos or by sponsoring where they get paid a few dollars for every few thousand clicks or whatever.

This is the traditional way but not what I am going to be talking about because it is not a very profitable business idea unless you have a lot, meaning hundreds of thousands, of subscribers.

I assume that you do not have hundreds of thousands of subscribers, and I do not either, so I am going to give you a business model that works if you do not have the hundreds of thousands of subscribers. You are going to be able to make more money with this business model than with ads on YouTube or anything like that.

You have probably never heard of this business model before, but rather than doing the ads what if you had the viewers click on a link to your website rather than clicking on an ad? You do not have to have your own website. You can have a booking page on and they can book a call with you.

What is this call for?

This call is not just to chat with you because you are a famous YouTuber but just to talk to you so you can give them a free consultation session and then you can sell them your coaching services or a different product or service. Why is this good?

This is good because even if you have 1,000 subscribers, you ae able to get enough people on the phone to build a six-figure business. I am not talking random numbers here, but this is what I have actually achieved and this is what actually happens on YouTube when you do not just focus on ads and hoping that advertisers pay you enough for their clicks to be able to make ends meet. This is building a real business on YouTube and not just relying on other people to send you a few dollars.

What do you do and what can you sell?

Let us assume you are an expert in some field like in one of the three big niches: Health, wealth, or money. How can you leverage your expertise into building a business and making money on YouTube?

The way to do it is to start making daily YouTube videos.

You may not have a camera yet so you can use your phone. You put your phone on a tripod rather than holding it in your hand, have the light come in to your face from a window, make sure your background is not too distracting, and then you start talking. You talk about subjects that you research on Google KeyWord Tool.

You use Google KeyWord Tool ad you look up subjects in your niche that are related to what you want to talk about and what people are actually looking for on YouTube and Google. What you do then is you create hundreds of videos about those subjects. This seems like a lot of work because it is a lot of work, it is not easy, and it is not for everyone.

If you can make enough videos, some of them will start ranking on YouTube and sending you free traffic and free subscribers. Of course still ask people in your videos to subscribe or else they will just think, “Oh ok, thanks bro,” and move on.

Subscribers become customers

Generally what happens is you build a subscriber base and eventually you make a video saying, “Hey guys. I know you have been watching my videos so I have an announcement. I am going to start coaching in [whatever you are coaching] and you can click below to sign up for a call.” When you are on the call you can sell them anything you want.

You can learn sales because it is not very hard, you can learn how to deliver a service or product, and you have your audience that comes from YouTube. Of course you need to promote your videos also on Facebook, whether with money or in Facebook groups, and slowly build an audience there. This can suddenly explode at any moment if one of your videos ranks on YouTube, you suddenly get 300 subscribers per day, and then you can make a lot of money in your industry or niche.

That actually works and I still see so few people who use this that it is incredible. People are still hoping for those advertisement click, for those advertisement dollars, and selling their YouTube channels to networks. What happens is they do not make real money. Even those guys with the 170,000 subscribers only make a couple thousand dollars per month which is not that good compared to what you can do as some kind of coach or expert on YouTube who sells coaching or other packages or services on the phone to his YouTube subscribers.

This is a real business. This is how the big boys do it and if you can do this and pull this off, then do it because I love this business model and so do a lot of people I work with. It is an amazing business model and is much better than YouTube ads.

Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.