How To Make Money On UpWork

Probably one of the easiest places to get sales online if you’re starting as a freelancer is on a website like If you can figure out how to do this, you will be able to get sales on command and not comply with all the demands that the buyers have that usually are unreasonable.

You will be able to charge higher amounts of money and build an actual business because you will be able to make more money from being a freelancer, or running a business, than most other kinds of jobs you can get.

How do you get sales on

The most important thing that you need to know when trying to get sales on UpWork is that UpWork has their processes skewed in the favor of the buyer. The people who are offering services and selling have an imbalance. There are more people looking for a job than people offering.

If you are above average this is no longer the case and you are suddenly more in demand than there is supply. The very first thing you need to know is you need to make yourself less available.

What do I mean by that?

You need to make it so that people come to you and are asking you to work with them instead of you begging them for a job.

How do you do this?

This is done on multiple levels. The first level is your title of your profile, your content on your profile, and your profile video that are all targeting highly to people who are buying. It needs to talk to them in a personal manner. Most people write super complicated, “professional-sounding” stuff on their profile and what happens is the buyer thinks you’re just another one of those people and they don’t even read your profile.

If you write to them personally, and if you address them personally as if you are writing to your mother, by expressing what you can do for them, what you have done for others, and what results you can get for them, you can include what kind of clients you like to work with call them to action.

If you follow this formula then suddenly your profile looks a lot more appealing when people come to you and they will be more eager to work with you than someone else who is just another cookie-cutter person on UpWork.

Change framing for calls and emails as well

This extends to the sales calls and any emails you were going to send because it needs to always be the frame of you choosing your clients and they need to apply to work with you. If you can establish that, then you can actually get some sales and charge of a lot of money as opposed to the guys who are begging for jobs and begging to offer discounts. Those guys will not get the clients but you will be able to choose who you work with – even if you are just starting out.

Find the real “why” of the customer

The next thing you need to know when selling to clients on is to actually understand what it is the client wants. Usually, they do not understand what they want and they do not understand what they need. You need to help them determine what exactly it is that they want. Yes, they may be looking for a “website,” but why are they looking for the website? What are they actually looking to do?

I will tell you right now that they are not actually interested in the website for the thing that they are telling you they are looking for, they are looking for something else. You need to find out why they are looking for it and the reason behind it. Maybe they are looking to grow their business so they can be with their family more. You need to really deeply understand the person you’re talking to.

You need to be asking them a lot more questions than talking. You need to listen and give them feedback on what they are telling you. A lot of people get on a phone call with a potential client on, and by the way, yes you need to do phone calls with every single person and not just try to close them by text, but they just try to push their agenda and do this weird used car salesman technique. That does not work.

You need to actually listen to the human being and determine what they potentially need, give them feedback, give them advice, and make them feel like they are getting more value in just a phone call they are having with you than they would get out of the whole thing with someone else.

Someone else will not do that because they do not know what they are doing, they do not know sales, they do not listen to my content, and they will fail. You need to make it abundantly clear that you were actually listening, you are actually giving them feedback on the information that you are hearing, and that you actually care about what they actually want. You are not just there to push your own agenda.

Relate their answers to your sales process

That brings me to the third point to get sales on the freelancing website. You need to give them feedback on what they told you that they want and relate that to your service or product.

For example, you are selling Facebook ads. You need to give them feedback on what they are looking for and tell them that you understand that person is looking to grow their company. The best thing that you found that works for companies like theirs is to get Facebook ads based on all the stuff that they told you. You need to use the information from step number two to close them. You can only do this if the product or service is actually going to help them achieve what they want to achieve.

Also, use deeper reasons. Of course you need to use all the deep reasons why they are looking to do that thing in their business. Yes, they can spend more time with their family. Yes, they can travel more. Yes, they can have their business working more on autopilot if they have constant inbound leads coming. You need to use all the reasons that they gave you why they are building the business and why they are looking to increase their revenue to relate back to what you are selling.

This will feel to them like you were the only one who is selling them what they actually want. That is super important. That is how you get premium dollars on UpWork and how you can charge four, five, and $6000 for projects even if they say they have a budget of $50.

Don’t believe me?

I work with hundreds of people who do this and it works. It actually works and people pay them thousands of dollars. I can absolutely guarantee you that. Join our Facebook community HERE and meet some of these people, learn more about sales, and increase your skills so that you too, can make a lot of money.

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