How To Make Business Results Inevitable

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Have you ever felt compelled to be distracted, compelled to eat the wrong food. Just, you wanna get the stuff done that you wanna get done, but you see that you just can’t, because the day has half passed, and you’re still procrastinating. You’re still doing the stuff you’re not supposed to do. You’re being distracted by alcohol, weed, video games, watching Reddit, watching too much YouTube and so on. You just can’t get any of the work done that you know you should be doing. And it just feels, after a while, that you have lost control because it’s turning into an addiction.

So in this video, I’m going to help you make results more inevitable by removing this. And we’re gonna really dig deep into how to do this, because I’ve been watching some videos of colleagues of mine on the internet, and they started talking about this and I found it super interesting, so I decided to make my own version of how to beat all these distractions, and how to make success inevitable.

So the first thing we’re gonna talk about is separation of work and entertainment.We’re gonna talk aboutit on several levels.There’s the physical level,and then there’s the digital level.You’ll notice that on both the physical level and the digital level,you can separate things in a certain way where it becomes freaking hard to get distracted.And the more you do that,the more you’re able to get results and get addicted to what you’re supposed to be doing,versus just bad things in your life, right?

So let’s talk about the physical first. Where do you work? Do you work in the same location as where your entertainment is? Do you have a television in the same room? Do you have a living room table, with just people walking in and out all the time, distracting you with random things? Do you have video games lying around? Do you have a PlayStation 4 in view? Do you have a fridge full of cookies and a pantry with cookies and stuff like that near you while you’re working?

Now, while you’re working,you need to have a separate location where you do the work physically. It’s a different room,and it’s an empty table with nothing there, and it’s just the device you need for work,usually a laptop, and nothing else basically,just the very bare minimum, only the basics. You need to be as far away from entertainment as possible, maybe even in an office outside of your apartment.

So instead of working from home, rent an office and work from somewhere else. The further you are from where the usual distractions are, the better as a general rule. So your physical location needs to be far away from anything that may in any way distract you using your addictions.

For example, if you’re addicted to video games, it would be any type of consoles or whatever, or computers. So also Macs are good for this,because it’s harder to play video games on Macs for example. Then in terms of digital. So what many people don’t realize, you can have multiple accounts on the same device. You can have multiple devices, of course,but you have can have multiple accounts on the same device.

You can have an account for leisure time on your computer, on your Windows or Mac or whatever, and you can have an account for work only. On the account for work only, that’s where work gets done, and all social media should be blocked on that, okay? And if you can’t block social media ’cause you work on social media, then every part of social media that’s not for work should be blocked.

There are tools, there are plugins for Google Chrome that allow you to block certain parts of Facebook, and you can use that. You can use that to stay focused. So another thing is you can block,not even install any games or anything like that, or any type of distractions on that second account. You can make the account so it’s only like the browser and Google Drive. No news websites. You can install an app to block all news websites, Reddit, everything related to distractions, anything related to non-work, you can block that on that account.

Whereas your main account, you can have all your entertainment on there and all that kinda stuff. But that’s separate, separate device or at least a separate user account. You have to close everything, log out, and log into a different account to use anything distracting. So that’s how you can do it in a digital way, or in your digital life.

In terms of protecting yourself, there is this saying. It’s protecting yourself from the sirens. It’s from my friend Mike. He introduced me to this. So Odysseus, it’s a Greek myth obviously. He knew that there’s something that was going to keep himself from his goal, right, which are the sirens.

So he was gonna go with a ship to an area full of sirens. And he said I’m going to test myself. I’m going to not use earplugs so I can hear the sirens,and I wanna see how I react to the sirens. Sirens are these magical beings that just make you jump in the water and kill yourself because you wanna reach them, right.It’s kinda talking about addiction, basically.It’s like a parable, whatever it’s called.He tied himself to the mast,and he didn’t use earplugs,so he can still hear the sirens,whereas his crew mates, the yall had earplugs in, right? So he could shout at them, he could do whatever, but he couldn’t move.

Whereas the crew mates, they had full control of the boat, of the ship, but they couldn’t hear the sirens. They were safe completely, and he was safe completely, because he was tied down and he couldn’t move. Even if he wanted to go to the sirens, he couldn’t move. So here’s what happened. They took the ship and they sailed through the area full of sirens and the sirens were doing their thing,singing their siren song, and he was just screaming at the crew, “Let me go, let me go!” I need to go to the sirens.” Even though he knew that he had to get past the sirens and he had a mission, and it was his only mission.It was the most important thing.

But the sirens wanted him to jump in the water. And while he could hear them, he really said, “Fuck it. “Fuck my dreams. “I’m gonna jump in the water. “I’m gonna kill myself to reach the sirens.” He was screaming at his crew, but this crew, they couldn’t hear anything’cause they had earplugs in.That was his test, basically,that he set out to do.And imagine if he hadn’t been tied down,he would have basically died.There would be no Odysseus.It would have been the story of dead Odysseus or something like that.

The thing that you can learn from this story, this story’s thousands of years old, you can learn from it. You wanna make it hard for yourself to play into these addiction. You wanna make the addictions harder to reach than what is good for you, right, in the same way that Odysseus did it. That’s the process that we’re using, and it works in the Business Mentor Insiders. Another way is to have an assistant if you’re working online. Have an assistant who’s constantly there with you,or at least in the same room if it’s not a virtual assistant.

And that way, for example, if you’re addicted to porn, let’s say, have the assistant sit in the same room as you while you’re working. So that way, there’s no way you can really watch porn, because they’re kinda sitting behind you and they can see your screen. You will be forced to stay on track, because you have someone who’s working for you sitting there.You’re never gonna have the ability to open up porn in a browser or something like that.

So I have actually a friend who does that, and it does work. These are just tips and tricks, and the general principles that I like to teach, and that we like to use. Been using it for years and it does work. It does cure people of their weird addictions and weird habits, and allows them to learn new habits and get new addictions, positive addictions, like learning sales, building business, and so on, and put their amazing focus toward something useful.

Aleksander Vitkin

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