How To Go From An Agency Business Model To a Product Business

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After the huge success with the first business, Emmanuel thought that he succeeded in life. Moreover, he was thinking that he is God.

Emmanuel went from a product business, not really knowing exactly what to do, to a service business. He followed the process that Business Mentor Insiders offers and learned very valuable skills that helped him leverage later on to build any type of business. He had the foundation and money, because he gets paid by clients for the services that he delivers.

Service businesses are not explosive, because you have employees and other stuff going on, but it is a very good platform to learn business.

The members in the mastermind start with service businesses, because they can work with many businesses and learn very valuable things from them. They can learn their business models from the inside out. You can learn how they run their businesses.

Emmanuel developed the ability to write a page on the Internet that would sell a product 24/7 without your presence. That is the most valuable skill that an individual can learn right now.

Emmanuel had a client who went from 0 to making 6 figures a month. There was not any useful thing that he was doing. He was simply taking Emmanuel’s copy and sending a bunch of traffic to his sales page. That was a turning point in Emmanuel’s mindset and he decided that he wants to do for himself.

Emmanuel learned so many valuable things from his service business. He learned how to use click funnels. Moreover, he became very familiar with media buying. In addition to that, he learned how Facebook and Google Ads marketing works. He discovered the size of the opportunity that was in front of him.

Emmanuel was making really good money in this field. But, the other people in the same industry were making a lot more. That sparked the competitive spirit in him and he started working harder and harder.

Many people in our mastermind go from nothing or freelancing to building an agency and building a network of clients that get results. Moreover, they are constantly learning new skills from their business. They replicate business models that are explosive.

You are approaching your business as an investor. You are going around all these successful business owner who show you the insights of your business. That way you can learn how to run a business like them. You are leveraging many years of experience by learning directly from business owners and not school professors who don’t know what they are doing. That is how much you can learn by having an agency.

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