How To Get Thousands Of Dollars In Sales At Business Events

In this article, you will find out how you can go to a networking event, meet a bunch of people, and close sales. This is much easier than cold calling, or going to companies and selling, because you can meet hundreds of decision makers at one event.

When most people go to a networking event, such as a marketing conference or a specialised event in a certain industry, they just stand around and meet some friends that they already know and talk to them. Maybe they get introduced to one or two people, maybe something happens, they might get a few business cards, but that’s it.

Here’s what I do when I go to marketing or networking event: I talk to every single person at the event, unless there are thousands of people. I find out what their businesses are about, and see if my product, my service can help them. See what issues they have in their businesses, what kind of businesses they run, and get their business cards. On the card, I write down what I can do for them. I can take a picture of this on my phone and add it to Evernote. I can have a large log of these business cards, (a few hundred business cards from a couple of days of these events).

You can help them on the spot as well, you meet the person, and can say “here’s what I can do for you, here’s some free value that you can implement yourself, we can also do it together”. They’ll offer you stuff: I’ve had offers where they’ll say “let us fly you to Canada, we’ll have you coach our team”.

That’s just from demonstrating that you’re an authority. If you can’t demonstrate this, it’s very hard. But if you are an authority, if you know what you’re talking about, then it’s very, very easy to convince them and show them value. If you can show them value on location and it’s what they’re looking for, they’re much more likely to do business with you.

When you’re going up to these people at a networking event, you can’t just stand around or ask them questions. You need to only be asking the questions to gather the information you need, to screen them. Screen their kind of company, find out if they have enough volume, if they have enough money, or if they’re looking to expand an area of their business. If they are, then great you want to do business with them. If they’re buying into your ideas, your advice, then great – this is the right kind of client.

If they say “wow we want to implement this immediately, we’ve already done this before but this time it seems like it’s different, it’s going to work”, then great, this is the right kind of client you want to work with.

If there are hundreds of people, you can screen them out and gather a short list of top clients that you’d like to work with. After the event, you have all these business cards scanned into your Evernote. Go onto it and start contacting them saying things such as “it was nice meeting you, here’s what we talked about, let’s set up a call to discuss this further”. You need to send this to everyone in a personalised email because you need to address them personally. Also you need to relate to them exactly what you talked about – as they also talked to maybe 10 people.

You need to remind them of what you talked about, what the value was, and what the next steps are. Then you need to set up a sales call with them to close – that’s if you can’t close the sale at the event. Sometimes you can’t close it at the event.

That’s how you can get a few hundred leads who are super qualified, without having to travel around a lot, or having to make a thousand phone calls. Another thing you can do at an event is get on stage. If you can get on stage (even if it’s in front of 40 people), it’s much, much, much easier to sell to them. You’re already an authority, just by being on stage saying stuff that’s relevant, and providing value to a few dozen people. That’s enough; you’re an authority to sell to the audience.

All these people will want to come and meet with you, after you’ve spoken on stage, and that’s when you sell to them. That’s when it’s even easier to sell as you’re like a provider; you’ve spent almost twenty minutes, an hour, speaking on stage. I’ve done this in the past, it works really well, and you can close a bunch of sales. You don’t need to be a master sales man; you just need to know what you’re talking about.

If you’re a newbie, you need to have a very well defined product. For example, explain your videos and know exactly how to make them. Then you don’t need to be an expert on everything about marketing, you just need to know exactly how to sell and explain your video (what’s the benefits of your videos and how it fits into certain companies).

Even if you’re a newbie, you can still get away with this, you can still try this out. If you want to try this out, look up local networking events, even if they’re small ones like on Go to them and talk to every single person, and get their story connected to your product. Follow up with them and close the sale, try this out in your business. I can guarantee you sales like this; it’s much easier than cold calling. Give this a try, if you have any questions comment below or message me.

Aleksander Vitkin

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