How To Get Into Exclusive Events And Network With Successful People

Today, I’m going to teach you exactly how I get into exclusive events literally around the world and network with the top people at each of these locations. Everything you’ll read below comes directly from me while visiting a very exclusive yacht club in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.

Breaking Through The First Boundary

The first major concept I want you to grapple with as we explain this process is “boundaries”.

Exclusive events and people have extremely strong boundaries when it comes to the type of people and energy they allow around them.

On the negative side of this, that means they present an image that it’s very “difficult” to get past those boundaries and you might get scared away from trying. On the positive side, that means once you get past this seemingly “difficult” boundary… you are part of the gang. You’re accepted.

People ask me all the time, “So, Aleks – how do you get access to all these VIP areas and connect with the successful people you interview on your channel so regularly? How are you allowed to film in these beautiful locations around the world?” and so on.

This is a legitimate question and I want to get this answered for you. Even here at the yacht club, it’s a fairly high security private property here in one of Canada’s most world class cities.

An important early step is not to tell yourself the cliche limiting belief that “It’s private property, therefore under no circumstances can I even attempt to get in… it’s too hard, they’ll attack me, dogs will bite me, I’ll get arrested”, and a million other excuses for not even making the effort to get access to exclusive events.

How To Get Into Exclusive Private Properties

Contrary to these negative beliefs listed about, when my friend and I approach the yacht club, we walked in calm and collected, found a gentlemen with the appropriate yacht club badge and approached him. We asked him in a self-assured manner, “Hey man, can we film here quickly? It’s for a successful YouTube channel and a few thousand people are likely to watch it”.

At first, he snapped back, “No! Private property!”

This is usually where most people stop, but if you play it cool, as we did… it can actually flip in your favor.

We just kept going, “I understand… this is for YouTube, a few thousand people are going to watch this video, no big deal, it’ll be quick and easy”. Even with just this minimal effort, the guy told us “Hmm, okay… talk to this guy downstairs”.

We head downstairs and there’s no one to be found. We’re halfway there. Eventually, we run into a random person and I tell him, “Hey, can we film here for a YouTube channel? We were directed to come downstairs and film in this location”.

Now, there was something very subtle what I did there. I told him that “we were ASKED to come downstairs and film”, in other words “SOMEONE told us to come here”.

He doesn’t know if that “someone” was his boss who requested us to film at that location, if it was a guest who wanted us to film, or if we were on a divine mission sent from above to shoot the next Spielberg movie at that very spot. He has no idea. He just knows “we were asked to be here”.

No sweat. He walks us downstairs, lets us in, and we have access to the “exclusive yacht club” to film. Piece of cake, that’s it… no rocket science involved.

You Don’t Need Einstein-Level Theory

If you think about it, if you want to get into exclusive events and you need to get backstage or into the “VIP section”, do you really need “an amazing life-changing reason?” We’re just two young men filming here. There’s no wild rationale required.

Same goes for talking to the actual organizer of the events. If you approach them in a cool, calm manner with the feeling that you’re “supposed to be there”, you don’t need a hyper-logical reason. Assume you belong there and that your simple reason is sufficient.

Most of the time, people at these sorts of these need SOME reason, but not an AMAZING reason. They need a quick explanation for your presence, and assuming you’re in a good, relaxed state, nothing will appear out of the norm. Be sure of yourself, that’s good enough already.

Very similarly, when performing cold calls, you can throw away your limiting beliefs – “Oh, I can’t get past the receptionist, I can’t get anywhere with this” – and remain calm and collected, assuming value, and get through to the decision maker.

How To Get Into Exclusive Events In Almost Any Situation

In other words, this process of assumed value and importance can be applied to get into ANYWHERE, whether it’s over the phone with a decision maker or exclusive access to a private property. It’s not the big deal you may be treating it as.

A common response to this is “but that’s such an unusual thing to do, Aleks”. Well, it is if you don’t practice it from time to time, but after a few successful attempts, it will become the normal order of business. If you really think about it, it’s not a major achievement, it’s simply getting to where you need to go in a calm, collected manner.

Imagine if you wanted to talk to someone at this private yacht club who was a “celebrity” or “famous person”. You’ll find that after you get past the initial barrier of getting in front of them, things become extremely easy and you can have a conversation.

The initial “gate of boundaries” around these exclusive people and places is the intimidating part, but after a simple exchange of reasoning, you reach the ‘soft underbelly’ of networking for wherever you are. You can indeed actually get access to successful people and events. The best part is they usually ASSUME you belong there and that you’re one of them. Value for value.

The next time you’re feeling like you don’t have access to these types of places, do yourself a favor and give it a shot. Consider it more like a “party trick” to impress your friends if you have to. Do whatever it takes to break that initial boundary, and you’ll thank me for it later.


Aleksander Vitkin

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