How To Get Awesome Video Effects / Video Intro / Outro / With No Skills

In this article, you’ll find out exactly how to make a fancy intro and outro, or any other kind of fancy video effect for your YouTube videos, or corporate videos if you’re doing it for someone else.

If you take a look at the video: Kinetic Temporary Pack Video Hive Templates After Effects Project Files, on YouTube, you can see there’s some nice music, it looks really pretty, and you can easily use this as an explanation video, if you’re going to sell to a company.

Now if we take a look at one of my videos on YouTube: My Plans For 2015 Aleksander Vitkin Daily Hustle, you can see my videos end with an outro. You can do all this, and it’s very simple – there’s a website called, and you go on to the website, and click on the tab labelled After Effects Project Files. Here you can find a bunch of templates. They have them for just about everything you can imagine related to videos. You can find logo templates, not for an actual logo, but for making your logo look better in the videos.

If you’re interested, have a look through some of the logo template videos. You can basically take any logo you’ve created, and you can import it into this template, if you know what you’re doing with Adobe After Effects (it will look like one of the logo templates).
Then you go to, and there you can get the audio for whatever you want. You can have your own personal company audio in your intro, or outro, or whatever you want to do with this.

If you want to do this, you either have to know how to use Adobe After Effects, or you can buy it off one of the websites I’ve just shown you. Alternatively you can pay someone (about $20), who understands after effects on You give them your logo, and they will do this for you. On, type in: ‘after effects’. Here you can find a freelancer – there are plenty of them who know about after effects. A guy who gets paid $10 an hour, should know how do to something simple like this.

That’s all you need to create amazing intros, outros, fancy videos with graphics, or even media packages. If you want to start a media package, go back to, and hover over the after effects project files, and from the drop down list, select broadcast package. Imagine you wanted to start a news channel on YouTube (check out one of the videos from the search results). It used to cost thousands of dollars, but now it can cost about $21 on VideoHive. You can then pay someone a couple of bucks on Odesk, to put your stuff into the template, or you learn some basic after effects yourself, or watch a video tutorial on YouTube (you can follow the video tutorial, and do it yourself).

In fact, some of these packages will come with a video tutorial inside the package that you receive. It’s a really good thing to implement for your business, if you want to make your business look more professional, and slick. Also, if you want to sell something like this to companies, this will also work as well.

I hope this helped you, and if you have any more questions, comment down below.

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