How To Focus In Business

Today the most important asset anyone has is their time. How you spend your time now is worth more than ever because time is being taken from you at every point and opportunity.

Time is being taken by people who give you jobs and hire you to work for them. Social media, television and everything else is taking your time from you. Even when people are watching television or movies now they are using their phones. When you walk down the street half the people you see are actually looking at their phones. There is a massive war for attention going on and it is everywhere.


If you want to create a business, stand out, and achieve above-average results you need to be able to overcome the A.D.D. everyone seems to have and focus on one thing for an extended period of time.

The interesting thing is that when someone is a beginner it is relatively easier to focus because you do not have that much going on. Once you start implementing hardcore and getting results that is when it becomes hard to focus and maintain results.

Opportunities Will Come Quickly

Once you start implementing and seeing results, people start throwing opportunities at you. You are going to get spammed and flooded with so many opportunities that you will not believe there are this many opportunities offered to you. People I work with, and myself, get spammed all the time for new opportunities.

Implementers get spammed with offers. This is because companies have endless need for talent and implementers. When a recruiter, or a company, sees someone with these traits they will want to work with them and will try to offer a lot in order to take the implementer away from their current opportunities.

Stay Committed on Your Path

When you start to implement you will get shiny, awesome opportunities and the number one skill to use here is the ability to say, “No.” It is tempting at first to accept everything but as your skills progress to intermediate and you get more opportunities, it is important to say no to just about everything. This is because you want to maintain focus on your committed path and what you should be doing. You need to maintain focus on the one thing in your business that works.

Famous entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos are so focused on their path that they cannot be distracted or taken from it. They are rock-solid on their beliefs and what they are doing. You want to be like this once you find something that works that can be replicated. Put all your time and focus into this to stay on your path to the success you desire. The path of least resistance is accepting all the new opportunities.

Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.