How To Find Your Passion In Business/Career (The 5 Signs That Will Guide You)

Many people spend their entire lives doing jobs they do not like and starting companies they do not like either. When they do start a company, sometimes the company makes a lot of money but they choose to do stuff inside the company they do not like. They spend their entire lives like this. What happens is they become not happy with their business and it isn’t growing as fast because they don’t feel the same satisfaction. Sometimes they give up and go back to having a job and I do not want that to happen to you.

I want to help you find your strengths so you can enjoy your life and really do what you are most passionate about.

I always believe that you do not need to find your passion necessarily, but you can learn to become passionate at just about anything. However, many people disagree so I am making this a shortcut to already start with something you enjoy. It makes the process faster if you start with something you already like from day one as you are going to be able to grow your business faster and get started with a head start as opposed to learning to like something from the first day, which can be considered a waste of time.

Seek out your strengths

Ultimately if we are honest with ourselves, there are some things you are naturally better at. Some people are naturally better at music and some people are naturally better at sales, if they are extroverts, for example. If you find your strengths you are going to be able to go to a much higher level for that skill. You are going to be able to master it at a higher level than if you force yourself to learn it.

I am not too sure about this part specifically as I had learned sales the hard way. I was not naturally inclined to do sales, or to get on the phone and talk to strangers and get money from them. I was even too shy to call people and say anything – even if I wanted to buy something. I was even too nervous to shake someone’s hands properly! I had to learn sales the hard way and did not enjoy it in the first three years. I even tried practicing sales by calling girls whose numbers I got at parties.

I learned sales and now I am super passionate about it – it is one of my favorite parts of business. You can learn to enjoy anything and you can learn to get good emotions from anything.

How do you actually find what your strengths are?

There are few things to do, for example: you can go look at what you procrastinate on.

If you procrastinate something and put off doing it over and over, most likely that is not one of your strengths. People generally like doing what they’re good at so if you procrastinate and try to avoid it, most likely you are not good at it.

Also, look at what you are looking forward to every day when you go to your job or your business and you have to do some projects in the business or some processes.

Think about what you are actually looking forward to and what you are actually thinking about when you are waking up in the morning saying, “Yes, I can finally do this one thing I wanted to do.” For a lot of people, this is sales because they get an adrenaline and endorphin high when they get the money. For other people, it is very introvert where they code a website and they almost get an intellectual high.

Your brain works generally different in many ways compared to a lot of other people’s brains so you need to figure out what really, “turns you on,” for lack of a better term. Find what you look forward to and find what you procrastinate on.

The next thing you should go look at is what you struggle with.

Yes, you can look forward to something, but look at what you actually struggle with – even if you have been doing it for two years. I struggle with accounting and administration, basically all the little details and being super precise, following the rules of the bureaucracy. I need people who are the opposite of my personality to do those things for me. I really struggle with that stuff so it is unacceptable for me to do that stuff myself. I refuse to do it in my business because it will make me very unproductive.

The second-to-last point to look at is satisfaction.

What truly satisfies you when you do it? While you are doing it, when do you truly find satisfaction with it? When you look back at your career or business, what are you truly satisfied with? What are you happy that you did?

For a lot of people this is something like helping other people, or contributing to society or a non-profit organization. Also, for a lot of people it is learning or growing useful skills in terms of growing your business. Some people feel satisfaction creating Facebook ads and driving new people to a brand and making awesome stuff happen for companies.

Finally, what you should look at is what you do in a crisis – how do you handle the situation and yourself?

When you put yourself under a lot of pressure you are able to see what you are truly made of and the way you handle the crisis says a lot about your personality. Look at how you handle a crisis and make decisions on what you really want to do with your life based on this, and combined with all the other points. By finding your strengths and weaknesses you can find your passions.

Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.