How To Charge More For Your Product And Make A Higher Profit

This articles for you, if you’re looking to sell websites, SEO, videos to companies, and if you want to charge a lot of money, and get a large margin on your products and/or services, and build a successful company.

A common misconception people have, and a common limiting belief most people have, is that when they’re charging a lot of money for a service, they feel like they have to be spending a lot of money to make it. An example from one of my students: “I realized I have one big question, what you would do if your client confronted you, and he knows that you’re doing your work, using cheap templates. What would be your approach? If he confronts you.”

I have a very simple answer to this question, and that is called good business. This is a good business practice, you want to buy low, and sell high. That’s how the whole world works. Everything that you’ve ever owned, or bought, has been manufactured, or created, or done cheaply. It’s been done in a country where it can be done cheaply, and then it’s been shipped over to you, and been sold at twenty, thirty times the price, that’s how the world economy works.

If the client ‘confronts’ you, he wouldn’t even know in the first place. The client may ask if you used a template for your website, and you can say: “yeh, I use a template, that’s how websites are made”. Done, this is the end of the conversation, this is how everything is done.

Everything you see around you, including the house you live in, is done cheaply, with cheap labour, cheap processes. Everything has been optimized, and people who work for the company, work cheaply (they are cheap labour). If you work for a company, you’re cheap labour generally.

Everything is done cheaply, so that a company can make a profit, that’s how it always works. So saying that it’s unethical, or that the client can confront you, it’s just complete nonsense. It’s a very debilitating limiting belief, from preventing you from charging high amounts of money.

If you want to charge more money from now on, I give you full permission. Please charge your client, as much as they can possibly afford, for just about anything. I have clients, who have even sold sales in the development niche, and in sales development, and the person buying it, had to sell a large item. In fact he sold one of his houses, to afford one of these self-development packages, and he found it to be worth it.

He was getting the full value in return. I’m not saying you should be doing anything unethical, I’m saying, if you’re going to be doing this, and delivering the service, and spending your time on this, your life delivering this service, you better charge a lot of money, otherwise you’re going to be poor, and you’re going to have to get a job, and be cheap labour.

You want to have freedom, instead of being cheap labour. You want to travel, you want to own a company, you want to have something that is a legacy, and not just committing your whole life to one company.

If you want to be someone, you need to charge money for your business, for your products, and for your services (a proper amount of money). That’s how it works, get over it, and stop thinking that just because you wouldn’t pay a certain amount of money for something, that someone else wouldn’t. You’d be surprised by how much people are willing to pay for stuff.

People are willing to pay a lot more than you; people are probably richer than you (depending on who’s watching the video). If you’d like to overcome more of your limiting beliefs, and achieve the level of success in your business that you deserve, for spending your time on a business, and providing your valuable service, or product, then follow my advice. If you have any questions, comment down below.

Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.