How To Become Successful In Business (The Truth)

I started business eight years ago and I was literally sitting by myself in my studio apartment and was thinking that now I had graduated college and I was going to start a business. I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. I had one friend who wanted to do it with me, but he also had no idea what he was doing. He did random things and sometimes got sales in for the first two years, and while after a half year of being alone, I made a loss in my business.

Surround yourself with successful people

After that I started to slowly find the points and the keys to success in business. In 2010, two years after I started, what I found was a community of entrepreneurs. I do not remember what it was, it may have been one of those old forum communities that probably don’t even exist anymore.

Suddenly though, I wasn’t one of those solo entrepreneurs with no one around me who was an entrepreneur. Suddenly I was a tiny fish in a big pond. I started talking to all these entrepreneurs who were doing all these different things and they were saying, “Oh you are doing this, why don’t you do this. You are doing that? Why don’t you look into this and try this?”

They gave me all this advice, some good and some bad, but the point is that at that point I did not feel alone anymore and at that point I could get feedback from people who have been there and who were making hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in profit. Suddenly, my business revenue and profit started going up. Not because their advice was always on point, but because I didn’t feel alone anymore and I was thinking I had to step up my game because I am not the only entrepreneur I know anymore.

Focus on building a single skill

That was the first thing I did that gave me success however, that was not the most important one. The most important one came later. As I found this community of entrepreneurs, I discovered was that I was trying all these different business models, some were successful and some weren’t, but I was not really focusing on anything because I was trying four or five different things at the same time at any given moment. Looking back now, I could have succeeded in a lot of them but I wasn’t really focused enough to succeed in a big way.

What happened was I discovered that one of the business models that someone else taught me was actually very on point and had high growth potential. I dedicate about 80% of my time, because I was still kind of A.D.D., to that one business model. At that point I found out that if you focus on a single business model, your success will explode – if it is a working business model.

You do not have to be original, unique, and you do not have to go do market research and discover new stuff. You can follow an existing business model if you are new and that is good enough to get results early on while developing your skills. If you focus on developing your skills and not on developing a brand-new business model, that is very good in the beginning. Later on when you’re more experienced, have all the skills, and you know what you were talking about, then you can think of new business models.

Be held accountable for your actions

The third thing that I discovered was that as I teamed up with people and worked with other people, I was actually working not nearly as hard as I could. What helped me was accountability. I teamed up with people and told them, “Here are the amount of calls I’m going to make clients, here are the amount of sales I am expecting, and hold me accountable for that.” We had weekly calls and what happened was I was always on fire. I was always hungry to close that next sale because if I didn’t I would have to show up with the call empty-handed while the other guy was actually getting results. That motivated me very well to get results in business.

Implement these three tips

There’s three things: The working business model, being around successful people, and accountability are super crucial for early entrepreneurs and people who are just starting out. If you don’t have these things, it is literally 100 times harder to start a business. But if you do have them handled, then your results will come much faster and you will find that you will not spend two years starting a profitable business like I did but it is possible to do it months. That is absolutely crucial because of these are also mistakes that I see a lot of young entrepreneurs make over and over. If you want to avoid ease, follow these three steps but I am giving you. If you add these three things to your life you will have a much easier time as an entrepreneur.

On an extra note about people who you should surround yourself with, you should surround yourself with the top people you can actually find. You can always find some guy who is just starting out, but what I did was I surrounded myself with people who were actually making money online and what they were saying to me was a lot less theoretical and more to the point that got me results much faster.

Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.