How To Automate Your Business – The Truth (Income Automation)

If you figure out how to automate your business you will be able to allocate more of your personal time to building your business instead of being an employee who actually does everything in the business. Automation is for people who are at a certain point in their business where there is enough cash flow that can be reinvested into automation processes.

What does this mean?

A lot of the things you do as a solo entrepreneur are going to be given to someone else. You give the task away to someone, train them for the task, pay the person for the work, and you are left with more free time to do whatever you want – preferably using this time on activities that will help build your business. This time can be used to solve other issues, or to just take time off and go on a holiday.

If you are interested in growing a successful long-term business I would assume that you want to grow your business by automation so you can free up your time from tedious, low-money-producing activities to be able to focus on sales and things that can make a lot of money.

If you cannot figure this out you will always be stuck riding things out and trying to figure out how to make stuff work all by yourself. This can give you split tension from trying to do ten different things in one day. No one can be good at everything so you need to find people who are actually good at stuff that you do not want to do in your business so you can focus on things you do want to do.

How do you automate stuff in your business?

We can use a service business like an agency for example. To be more scalable you need to automate by hiring and allowing the business to grow. One person can do sales, one can do lead generation, a person can manage projects, another can talk to clients, and one more person can make sure the product or service is delivered. Sometimes in smaller companies multiple parts are done by the same person.

Bigger agencies have more specialization among people working for it. Bigger agencies typically have a person manage a project while another talks to the client, whereas small agencies typically have a person who would manage the project and talk to the client. Often with technical products, like building websites and software, the project leader will be a separate person than the person who talks to the actual client.

How do you automate this and what does this mean?

Your company can be different, but these are all just processes. You need to split everything up into processes and have well-written documents or videos that explain every single part of your company. It should look like, “here is what to do specifically for lead generation, here is what to do to get sales, and here is product management.” These need to be well-written documents or clear videos so you can give them to someone you hire and they can watch or read the documents and be able to take the part of process away from you. When someone else does the task, you have successfully freed up more of your time to do sales or whatever you wish.

Once you have the process handled and people are in place and not going anywhere, then you proceed to do this for all the other processes in your company for the tasks you do not want to do, or the ones you should not do. I prefer hiring people on because everything is tracked, people are paid automatically, payroll is handled, the work is tracked and it is efficient. All of this value is worth it for the small percentage cut of about 10%.

You still need to work some

If you think from day one that you are going to be able to automate your business and go lie on a beach, it will take more than that. It is not going to take you out of the business forever because no one will be able to grow your business – unless you hire an actual CEO which is very expensive. You still need to put in time to make sure you run your business and it does well. If you leave it alone you can expect it to decline over time. If you have employees doing simple tasks and sales then it is very likely the business will be able to grow by itself.

Your role is to become more of a CEO and salesperson and less of a manager that is trying to figure out small things like sending emails to clients. This is great and is where everyone should strive to be if they are in business and want to grow.

Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.