How To Advance To The Next Level In Business

Is your business at $10k-40k/month and are you selling services to clients who are paying you a recurring monthly fee of $3-5k/month?

Here’s how to advance to the next level, where you’re making $100k/month+ and each client is paying you $10-30k per month.

The core challenge for you is this:

The problems for which clients will pay such a high fee are very complex problems. Meaning, they are not clearly defined.

Usually, even the client can’t explain their exact problem.

They just feel like “things aren’t working. And you can’t arrive at a deep understanding of their exact “fears, frustrations and desires”.

Therefore, you need to figure out their problem by yourself, without a blog, without an article, without the client spelling everything out for you.

You need to think very deeply about their problem. Conceptualize it, objectify it, and explain it to them better than they ever could themselves.

If you can explain their problem better than they can, they’re automatically going to assume you have the solution.

How do you begin to figure out their problem?

You need to speak to multiple people in the same industry and do deep-dive explorations on topics you are familiar with.

Then, you’re listening for “clues” about the crucial breaking points and opportunities in their business processes.

And gradually, you piece together your own mental map of their situation, their problem and their needs.

Armed with this mental map, you come up with an offer that fits perfectly.

Then figure out what small changes could be applied based on your expertise to resolve these previously invisible problems.

That way, you’re able to show up like a magical “problem assassin” who somehow knows all the answers, and you’re able to explain to them the whole process to solve their problem and transform their business.

Ultimately, what I’m suggesting, is that you need to begin to think at a higher level than your client. After speaking to them, you need to figure out, by yourself, their problems and the solutions they need, better than they ever could themselves.

This requires a deep level of thinking, and a difficult level of thinking. But if you’re committed to success in business, then you must achieve this level through practical experience and coaching.

– Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.