How Stan Built a Successful Mobile Development Agency

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My name is Stan. I’m an owner of the mobile development company. So we’re developing mobile applications. We’re based Eastern Europe. So I’m not the only founder of the company. I’m co founder (mumbles) with a partner of mine. So I joined BMI around a year ago, at the start of November. So in the next month it is going to be exactly like one year of journey. But I was silent in the group like for two or three months before that, I’m gaining value just from the posts of people. The results, which started with the whole business one year ago, in July, we had nothing, so I had a full time job, my partner also had a full time job. 

We started the network. I was speaking with clients it was causing clients doing all the work by myself because I’m an iOS developer, as my partner too so when john and basically I had some concerns from my side and from the partner side about the journey as well. Since Yeah, we just wanted to basically figure out if it’s worth it basically so bad from the fact that I was getting value from the group being silent for like around two, three months, we were we were able to reach a stage when we were doing great revenue numbers. 

And everything was from the BMI, just from being sound from the group, how to do sales, how to basically project manage the speaking clients, how to close how to market, the network, all these kind of things. So for me, it wasn’t like a no brainer, since, I saw a clear value in this kind of thing, because I already was able to reach like nice revenue number for small investments for being just solid of the group. 

That’s why I thought that if I would invest more, it’s definitely going to provide me with even a better right, we’ve joined we’ve started the business. We had like a little break, let’s say to march so from November to Montreux, and I’m doing too much stuff from March we started the company, we’re ended at an office, all this kind of things. 

Currently, basically, we have eight people on the team. We’re working with clients from the US and from the west Europe, our main target base are startups that are looking for development teams for native mobile development. Most of them are business owners as well by the startups and other part that are business owners who start like with mobile application development and as a side projects, to basically test out their the under market to do some things with the development. 

In terms of the full process, and at certain stages. I was anxious about the current stage of the company and what I was doing and all these kinds of things, but I was always asking like questions regarding bed on the bed BMI which actually helped me to figure out how to deal with these kind of issues, these kind of problems and motivation problem and then the summer So then I’ve just basically set the deadline for myself. Everything is looking really nice currently. I’m moving in the US in one month from now to basically expand with the current business. 

There’s an idea had in my mind for like three years for now, because system Europe is like a golden mind in terms of the talent and yeah, if you can provide a service in the US, you can do very well in terms of the different terms of actually being my I would really recommend it to people who because the core motivation from my side, we started with the whole business was john and nothing. I didn’t feel like it’s all right for me to be working on a job to working for someone to basically doing some things that not benefit me in the future. 

Basically working on the job, when you don’t create an asset for yourself. It was kind of really boring as well, despite the fact I was working as an iOS developer. So, It’s pretty interesting kind of job not the worst one that you can basically find. I would definitely recommend it to people who as well want to start their own businesses from scratch to john be mine because the business model is awesome sales skills, all these kind of things and even see like many companies here they’re basically don’t know how to do business in the right way and I think that’s the core fact that’s the core issue like why in some cases.

We are able to basically win in the local market and in the global market as well because like there are some strategies we definitely are following. And if you have like, business currently, like six figures, small medium, even like maybe seven figures, I think he’s going to be available as well to, to join this community with like minded people and to learn new stuff and to prove your current business.