How Severi Built A 6 Figure Local Marketing Agency In Finland

It is Alexander Vitkin here, I recently sat down with Severi, one of our Business Mentor Insiders (BMI) members for an interview to see where he is at with his business. I wanted to share with you his inspiring story about how he grew his marketing agency up to $10K in revenue while based in Finland.

Last month Severi managed to bring in $10K in revenue, with 70% profit margins. Severi says that he has discovered a great niche service to provide to clients which has allowed him to earn great margins from his service agency.

Severi joined BMI almost 18 months ago, but he says that it has taken him a while to launch an agency. He was mainly working as a freelancer for the first year and a bit after joining the program. Once he fully committed to the program and began to focus, he was able to make his first sale within one month. He says that once he found his niche service, he became much more passionate about his business.

After working as a freelancer working on implementing sales funnels for companies in Finland, Severi met someone who was running a company selling sales funnels and he wanted to sell the business to Severi. He gladly took up his offer and was able to take over an established business that had established processes in place and some clients. 

What Did He Learn From BMI?

When Severi was working as a freelancer he was only making $1K per month but once he was running his business he has managed to increase his revenue to $10K per month. After joining BMI Severi was able to learn about implementing sales funnels into his business, he was able to automate a lot of the lead generation process and then focus his energy on going to sales meetings and making sales calls. He also learned how to go after the right clients, and is now able to charge marketing packages for $7.8K for a three-month package. This is because he now knows how much value he is offering so isn’t afraid to charge a better price.

Severi has also brought on employees to help him run his agency. He first hired his cousin to help him with lead generation and making sales calls and is now in the process of hiring a project manager. This will allow him to scale his business by bringing on more employees and signing up more clients. 

Severi also says that through BMI you will learn skills that are actually wanted in the marketplace. For example, he has found that a lot of the marketing agencies he is competing with in Finland to sign up clients don’t actually have any idea how Facebook ads work in reality. Severi on the other hand has learned from Facebook advertising experts through BMI and can get much better results for clients! This has given him a huge advantage when it comes to signing up new clients he says.

How Does Severi Plan to Scale His Business?

Severi says he wants to ‘productize’ his offering. Which means he can standardize the services that he offers to make his business more efficient. He also plans to bring on more employees so that he can outsource a lot more of the tasks within his business to freelancers. This will allow him to spend more time signing up new clients and managing his existing clients.

Who Should Start an Online Agency?

Severi says that if you are prepared to put the work in then almost anybody can start an online agency. However, he says that you have to get out of the ‘employee mindset’ and start thinking like a business owner. You have to be able to solve problems when they arise and not give up at the first sign of trouble. Building a successful business takes a lot of time, you have to be in it for the long term he says.

Severi recommends that you do your research first before you jump into your business, make sure you find a niche that really interests you and that you know you can offer value to clients.

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