How Sam Went From Working For an SEO Agency To Running One

Meet Sam – one of our Business Mentor Insiders (BMI) members. He is the founder of a marketing agency that offers search engine optimization (SEO) services to a range of clients around the world. His company essentially helps businesses to get their websites higher in search results.

Before joining BMI Sam was working as a freelancer for another agency, although the work was low stress and it was remote, it was pretty badly paid and didn’t provide Sam with any long-term job security.

Since joining BMI, Sam has founded his own agency and now finds his work much more rewarding, albeit a bit more stressful. He feels much more in control of his future and likes that he is building up his own business which he fully owns and controls. His agency currently has 11 clients from all over the world and he has more potential clients in the pipeline.

Sam says that his business is so well established now, that he is going to travel more and go and live in Taiwan for a while to meet up with friends and experience a new culture. This sort of freedom to choose where you want to live and work is only possible because of the fact his business runs completely online, he says.

How Did BMI Help Sam Get to This Point?

Sam says that through BMI he learned how to master lead generation. Before joining BMI he tried all sorts of ways to drum up business (which mostly failed) so learning this skill through the BMI program has been huge for him. He also says that sales, in general, were something he had zero natural talent for, but by practicing every day at it and implementing tools he learned through BMI he has been able to sign up a steady stream of new clients for his SEO agency.

Learning how to implement ‘processes’ into his business was a hugely important lesson for Sam, it allowed him to plan out how his business would operate more efficiently. Building good processes into his business has also helped him to scale the agency up both in terms of bringing on staff and signing up more clients. In the beginning, he was doing 100% of the project delivery, but now he is only doing about 30% of the delivery – which has freed up his time to spend on sales and customer relationship management.

Sam also says that having access to lots of other BMI members and mentors was a big help for him when he was trying to learn how to grow his business. It was great to be able to ask questions and interact with a number of experts whenever he ran into any problems.

What’s Next for Sam?

Sam says that he is looking to automate more of his business by hiring more employees or freelancers so that he doesn’t have to do tasks like sales and project management which he currently is responsible for. He says that his goal now is to have a fully automated business so that he can spend more time doing other things he wants to like learn a new language whilst he is living in Taiwan!

His agency is now well established and he is able to charge thousands of pounds each month for his services. It's fair to say that the future is looking really bright.

If you want to hear more about Sam’s journey from freelancer to agency owner please check out this video interview that we did with him recently.

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