How Marcin Went From Being a Freelancer To Running a Mobile App Development Business

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Hello, my name is Marcin, I’m from Poland. Currently My business is mobile app development. So, we sell mobile app development to different clients and I am in BMI for over a year.

Basically, I started from zero. I had no experience in lead generation or experience in sales. I plan to work as a freelancer. Like I plan to get freelance remote job as the iOS developer, because that’s my background, but I couldn’t even get my social presence online.

I couldn’t get any type of job outside of Poland. I was working as an employee in a company from Poland and I couldn’t physically get out of there. Everything’s changed when I when I joined. So I was able to get clients from United States and from Western Europe. I learned a lot about sales about feed generation and how to run a business and how to have an effective communication with people, with clients, with my wife, people who work for me that was really easy because I was surrounded by the mastermind.

So I was able to basically everyday read valuable posts in the group, I can join basically  everyday call with the instructor and I can ask other members. So that’s a very good place for me to learn about business. And I feel like I do it in an efficient way right now because I don’t need to like go and research and look for different books, how to run a business, I can basically apply what is really efficient, what I need right now in this month for my business. I can ask instructors what to do and physically execute on that in an efficient way.

My life right now is way better because I feel like I can grow my business and I feel the freedom of that because I feel I can grow my business so much in the next years and that gives me a lot of freedom for myself.

When I joined I planned to be a freelancer. Maybe that was an obstacle for me because I was not really ready to run a business that was not my idea even to do that. But I quickly learned that that was a good decision and I feel I cannot go back to be just an employee. I could recommend this mastermind to people who are from my experience, who are software developers, if they could combine their skills with sales and were proud to run a business. I think they could build fantastic businesses and help a lot of people. I think that in this mastermind, they could do it in an efficient way.

Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.