How Luis Built a Web Dev Agency From Scratch

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My name is Luis and I’m from Brazil. I just got in Miami one year ago. Since then, my life changed a lot. I have more freedom than ever and to do everything I want in terms of business. Now I have a web development agency specialize in commerce.

Before that I was just an employee on a software company. Didn’t have any business skills. Didn’t know about sales and marketing. Didn’t know any successful entrepreneur, I was just working in a nine to five job and not having any fulfillment. Then eventually I quit my job and I start my own agency.

Why I was on the BMI community? One of the reasons why I joined the group was I do want to learn about business in general right. And also connect with interesting people which end up happening. The group has amazing people that are teaching me on a day to day basis. And it really changed my life. 

I look back one year ago and I see how naive I was about business and about how to do business with people in general. And I feel much more confident and I know where I’m going. I’m operating my own rules. I’m not following anyone’s agenda which is cool. Yeah I would say that the number one thing I learn from the group it’s sale skills. As a software developer you can imagine, this was not part of my skillset but now I see both things together and it’s super powerful. Before entering the group was more like how to price my service, how much I worth. 

And how to build a business and now it’s more like okay I know exactly what to do. And it’s just a matter of time to reach my goal in terms of revenue. Right now we have five clients and every month we get new clients. It’s really up to me how many clients I want to deliver my service. And we have a team of six people. I’m here in internal Canada and it’s a really good place to connect with people and I’ve been learning a lot with the platform that I provide my service at the shop by ’cause they’re in Canada.

So, that’s why I came here. And yeah, I would say that if someone wantS to get into this mastermind, you have to be really ready to put the effort because all the teachings are there. All the coaches, they are really helpful. The community’s there to help you out, support you. But at the same time, you have to put the effort. So it’s definitely not for everyone. Actually when you have the asset, as a business, there is a lot of hours that comes in. It’s definitely you got a lot of learning. Compare if you’re alone. But you know, as a business owner, you still have to learn a bunch of things and understand the amount of effort that you have put in order to reach your goal.

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