How Long It Takes To Start A Company/Get Sales

In this article, you will find out how long it takes to start a business: I get asked about this everywhere. I get private messages, sales calls, randomly in the mastermind, and in any type of community – ‘how long does it take to start a business?’.

There are many resources you can look at, when you’re thinking about how long it takes. First ask yourself what kind of business, whether it be Amazon, (the store which sells literally everything) which didn’t make a profit for ten years, and then go on to make a profit finally – it takes years.

Are you going to call local businesses, and sell website development? You could get a sale within several days of cold calls. Are you going to develop an app, which will take several months, a few months to market, and that’s not counting research or gathering money for it.

It really depends on the industry, there’s always loads of stuff you can do. Let’s focus on something simple: offering a service to a company, and on videos. On YouTube, if you’re starting from scratch with intermediate knowledge, maybe it will take you three months to make good videos on a daily basis, or at least three per week. Then you’ve got to promote them, and getting people on a call, and optimising your content.

You need to do this every single day repeatedly, until you get the hang of it – even then there’s no guarantee of success, even after three months of repeating this process.

Then there’s the guy who’s advanced, who already has a bit of a following on his channel, and then BAM – 2 weeks, first fourteen videos done, and he starts getting sales. I did it, some of my friends did it with no problem at all.

That’s still a fairly small business: if you want to grow it to make several figures a year, it’s going to take over a year.

If you’re cold calling, offering services to local companies, if you’re actually going to do the real hard work, which is 150 phones calls per week, you will make sales. Pre screen, and qualify the leads – find them on the internet, pre screen, and check their site out so you know what they need. 150 phone calls, and you’ll get the first sale in a week or less. On average, it takes sixty days, I say it only takes a week. That’s 5 work days, 30 phone calls per day, that’s to get your first sale.

To deliver it, maybe you need a few more weeks, but you can keep getting sales and funnelling them into your little machine, (the process of sending the project to the person or company you outsource the work to). Whether you’re a developer, or the guy who makes the videos, generate the business first, and maybe you can make $6000 in your first month – if you hustle really hard without stopping to think about how hard it is, and question what you’re doing.

If you keep on repeatedly implementing, it takes much less time to get started – that’s how long it takes if you start that kind of company.
Another thing I’m going to discuss is activity versus productivity. I see a lot of younger entrepreneurs,(and a few older ones too), who, in the first month, spend all their time making the logo – and bare in mind I’m not joking. They think ‘it has to look a certain way’, and that’s the first month gone; in the second month, they try to determine the customer, researching the customer, but taking no hard action -basically not doing anything. In the third month, maybe they send ten cold emails in between partying, and going to school. Then in the fourth month, they’re like ‘shit I’ve been in business for four months’ they realised they’ve been paying taxes, and that they’ve lost money.

Those four months are worth more than the money you lost, the opportunity cost is that you could’ve started a whole business in four months. Half a year ago, I’d been running my business for seven months. I already have a whole business; you shouldn’t be spending four months researching (mentally masturbating), reading that one little book. You could be doing that anyway, but do it while you’re closing sales with your customers – while you’re producing content.

You don’t need a site or a logo, you don’t need all that shit, you need to be talking to your customers, and you need to have a service ready. I know this is a controversial view, but get sale anyway, even if you’re not ready, get a sale for something simple like an explanation video – you can learn how to do this in a day.

It takes one fucking week to start a business; you can do so much more than sitting around making logos all day. Productivity is where you have your whole day planned out, you know exactly what you’re going to do, morning, afternoon, and evening. Everything is aligned to one purpose, which is to make your business succeed. Fuck looking for excuses like school, family reunions, illnesses that occur every month, or whatever people say.

I know how long it takes, I have guys starting from scratch, and it takes them under a week to do just fine. I have guys starting from scratch, who don’t do anything for a month, then they just quit: they’re fucking losers – they’re conditioned to be losers. Don’t be a loser, start implementing, it’s completely your choice; these beliefs that are stopping you are completely in your head.

You don’t need to spend months starting a business, please do yourself a favour, and do it. If you have any questions, comment down below.

Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.