How Kamil Built A Profitable Agency After Running An Import Business

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Kamil is going to reveal to you how he built a profitable agency after running an import business.

Kamil runs a digital marketing agency and he is selling google ads. He has been in business for a year and 5 months and he is doing around $5.8K in revenue monthly with 80% profit margin. His business is much more stable now than it was in the beginning.

Kamil is going to get married in a month from now. Due to the fact that he is a business owner and his business can run without him, he has time to prepare for his wedding.

Kamil had another business where he was importing electronics from China and selling them to businesses. It was a much different business where he had to invest a lot of money to buy inventory. There were all kind of problems with the shipping. After 6 years he saw that there is no future for him in this business.

Then, he got introduced to BMI mastermind where he started his digital marketing agency. With the agency business, the stakes are lower, the revenue is much higher. He does not have to compete on prices.

Kamil has created processes for his employees that they need to follow in order to run the company properly. New employees are being introduced to the systems and after a few days/weeks, they are able to follow the processes. As a result, he can disappear for a week, be available only 1 hour a day and still run a successful and profitable company. On the other hand, he had to put a lot of time and effort in his previous import business even on the weekends.

There is a huge difference between running a business solo vs being part of a large community of entrepreneurs. It is very hard to get discouraged when you are part of a mastermind. You have so much proof around you that makes you work harder. Furthermore, you can ask people questions and receive answers from people who are a little bit ahead of you and who have faced similar problems in their businesses.

Moreover, you can meet with other people who have successful businesses, which is a huge motivation. You can exchange ideas, get valuable advice and talk about business.

It is very important to hire the right people. A very valuable thing to know when hiring is to hire based on motivation. Your employee should care about your business and he/she has to be motivated to deliver high quality work on a consistent basis.

Sometimes motivation is more important than skills, because motivated people can learn the needed skills in no time. You have to employ based on motivation. Without the motivation, the best skills won’t make a difference.