How Kamil Built A Profitable Online Marketing Agency After Running An Import Business

I wanted to share with you a great story from one of Business Mentor Insiders (BMI) members, Kamil.


Kamil joined BMI in January 2018, and he runs an online agency that specializes in helping clients run successful Google ad campaigns. His agency has been operating now for about 1 year and 5 months and they have a number of clients that they provide marketing services to. 

Prior to setting up an online agency Kamil was running an electronics import business with some partners. Although it is a very different business to running an agency, he was able to learn a lot about managing a business. After six years he left the company and decided to look for something new to do. He was pretty sure that he wanted to give a services-based business a try.

The Problem 

Kamil says that when he was trying to work out what type of service to offer he wasn’t quite sure if there would be a market for it, he says that he was overthinking it too much and finding it hard to fully commit to it and launch his business. Having spent the last six years of his life running a product business he was unsure about how some parts of the online services industry works.

The Solution

After being introduced to BMI through a friend Kamil decided to join the program. Kamil says that BMI has taught him how to build up an agency whereby he can position himself as an expert in his field. When he talks to clients he councils them through how he can help them and add value to their business. He says that this has led to a much better conversation rate than trying to aggressively make sales. 

Kamil has also learned how to hire and manage freelancers to do the project delivery part of his business. This has freed up his time to do sales and client management. He says that BMI has taught him how to implement processes into his business and to automate tasks so that he can leverage his time to make his business more profitable. He also learned to hire freelancers that are not just looking for a quick buck, but who want to help clients. It is worth paying extra if you can hire the best people who have a lot of integrity.  

One of the best parts of BMI according to Kamil is the amazing community that you get to join. You have access to a great group of entrepreneurs who you can reach out to with any problems that you are having. It is much better than reading books to learn about business, books get outdated very quickly, with BMI you have access to up to date knowledge when it comes to business. The community is also really good to keep you motivated, Kamil says, he loves that he can meet up virtually and in-person with other members and discuss their goals and progress.

Where Is He Now?

Kamil says that within 3 months of joining the BMI program he was able to make his first high-value sale. This convinced him that there was great potential for his business and he hasn’t looked back since.

Kamil has built up an online agency that has been operating now for about 1 year and 5 months and they are doing about $5.8K in revenue each month, with an 80% profit margin.

He has also managed to implement a lot of what he has learned through BMI into his personal life, such as becoming more disciplined with how he works and organizing his time so he can maximize the results that he is getting. Kamil has managed to get his business into a place where he only has to work a few hours a day. This has been especially great recently as he has been planning his upcoming wedding, so he has had a lot of spare time to do it.

Who Should Join BMI?

Kamil says that if you think that it will be easy to be successful with an online agency and you think the BMI instructors will be easy on you – then you should not join BMI. You must be the type of person that will work hard and be open to learning new things. You will have to dedicate a lot of time to learn the BMI materials and so you will need to have the ability to absorb as much information as you can. It will then be up to you to implement what you learn and start building your business. You will definitely be taken out of your comfort zone – and that should be OK with you!

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Aleksander Vitkin

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