How I Started my Business

Here’s the story of how I started my business.

This is a 5 part series on every year of business so far.

Today we’ll be covering 2014.

The objective was to gain focus by working on one single, new business, that I can spend the next 5+ years on building into a big beautiful business.

I had just spent 2.5 years traveling the world at that point, meeting famous entrepreneurs and helping a 7 figure business double its revenue.

I wanted to make an impact, not just work with clients and get results.

Nobody knew who I was, I had no skills like “buying traffic” or “speaking on camera”.

What I didn’t know was what the business would be or how exactly I would be building it.

Then, I started creating daily videos for Youtube.

To my surprise, people LOVED them.

I gained a small following online.

At that point, one of my mentors told me, “That’s cute, are you getting any sales from all that work you’re doing?”.

I decided to heed his advice and turn my little project into a business.

30 minutes later I had my first sales call in this business.

I sold $100 1 hour consultation sessions, I was consulting people on anything they needed with regards to business.

What happened next surprised me to say the least… My entire schedule was filled to the brim with these consultation calls.

I started repeating myself a LOT so the next problem to solve was to make everything more scalable and less reliant on my time.

To resolve this, I started adding everyone to a facebook group and organized group coaching sessions.

This meant that I couldn’t accommodate just “any” business models, I had to pick one.

The state of the coaching industry back then can best be summarized with the following phrase:

A bunch of internet hoodlums selling info-marketing tutorials on “how to sell info-marketing tutorials”.

You get the idea, it was slimy, but I was determined to be the first to address this issue in the industry.

I dropped all my clients and focused full time on this coaching business.

Some of my earliest students, many of whom are now millionaires, started doing cold calls instead of Youtube videos.

This became our new primary business model.

Basically, people would join, and we would teach them how to call companies and sell them expensive services.

It was a brutal method to learn business. Imagine Wolf of Wall Street but online and on phone calls.

Several months into this, I had noticed I was staying up until 4 am daily and was working 14 hour days.

I asked the most successful students to help me coach. These were people that were scientists, pharmacists and a former university professor.

The community we had built was called Daily Business Hustle and it was transforming people’s lives.

We had 19-year-old kids who would be calling 150 businesses per day and selling them $4000 websites.

Things were going well…

But then 2015 hit. I’ll tell you what happened next in tomorrow’s post.

– Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.