How I Started My Business (Part 3)

Here’s the story of my third year running my current business, 2016:

(Yesterday I told you about 2015, you can check that post as well if you like.)

This was the year that my audience grew to a tremendous size and I truly became fanatical about business.

Anywhere I went, all I could do was talk about the Daily Business Hustle mastermind and business in general.

We were still growing our free Facebook group and it hit over 18k people.

I was being recognized at random events.

I was also being invited to speak and help organize various events. We did some all over Europe. The purpose was to really get to know people in person and promote my personal brand.

That year I traveled to San Diego, Valencia (Spain), Barcelona (Spain), Poland, Croatia and Vegas.

This was also the year I focused on health. I was more in shape than I had ever been. 2015 really took a toll on me and since my goal was to build a big beautiful business, I realized my health had to be on track as well.

At a certain point I made the “genius” decision to split my focus between growing the mastermind and running a modeling agency.

People are still messaging me to this day, asking how to build a modeling agency. I have to keep disappointing them, no you won’t get to date any models.

This was also the year when I was incessantly asking every single member of the mastermind to do live streams with me. Boy, did we do many live streams.

Everything I did that year, was done in excess. As quickly as I lost 8 KG (3 months), I regained more. I was also hitting personal records with squats and deadlifts. I personally took pictures of 20 models that year. Everything was done to the extreme.

My major lesson this year was that to succeed at business, I had to keep focusing on building my main business, not get distracted with random stuff like trying to become a modeling agency owner. There are no shortcuts to business. You can’t just pay people to build a business for you.

Furthermore, I learned that I had to stay fanatical about the reason I started business. That is to help thousands of people succeed at business.

Furthermore, I was quite rude to people while everything was growing. I thought I was the sh**. In reality, I was just moderately successful and moderately popular on social media.

Real success is achieved by providing clients with long term business success, not from distractions and frivolous exploits.

– Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.