How Flavius Got His First $11.5k Month Selling Ads

Meet Flavius – one of our Business Mentor Insiders (BMI) members.

Flavius runs an agency that helps clients to set up and manage Facebook advertising campaigns. They provide a one-stop-shop service by offering help with setting up all aspects of a Facebook marketing funnel for their clients.

Over the past few months his agency has pulled in a consistent 7 to 8K per month, and last month he had one of his best months ever pulling in around $11.5K in revenue. This was despite the current upheaval in the world as well as been during the European summer where business usually slows down a bit. He says that he is now at a point where he is able to get consistent sales for his marketing agency and has been able to position himself as an expert in the online marketing field.

So how did he manage to do this, and how did he get started? I recently sat down with Flavius to ask him just that. I hope you find his story inspiring.

Flavius studied engineering at college and then worked as an engineer and as a project manager once he graduated. However, after working for somebody else for a while he realized that he wanted to do something different with his life, he thought there must be something better out there for him so he looked into starting his own business.

Flavius says that he was inspired by one of his friends who at the time was a member of BMI and was running his own successful agency.  This was the main reason that he decided to join BMI himself. A decision he says has been life-changing.

What Did He Learn From BMI?

Once he started with BMI, he learned about how to start and launch his own business, something he had zero experience with before joining. He says that he learned everything from the practical steps to starting a business to how to better manage his growth as a person. He liked this approach as it showed him the connection between having the right mindset and how this results in better business outcomes.

Another big thing Flavius learned was how to sell and how to market himself and his new business. This included everything from how to sign up new clients, how to deliver consistently high-quality results to his clients, and how to build long term relationships with clients. Learning the art of sales has set him up for a lifetime of success he says.

Flavius says that through BMI he got access to a great community of members and mentors that massively helped him learn and grow through his entrepreneurial journey. It was great to be able to ask more experienced entrepreneurs questions and get real-time feedback on problems and issues he was having with his business.

When he first started his agency, he says that he outsourced all of the project delivery to freelancers without doing the necessary research. This resulted in sub-standard work been delivered to clients. He quickly realized that he was going to have to learn how to do the work himself first so that he could guarantee his clients got high-quality results. Once he learned the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of the service he was offering he was then able to hire freelancers to carry out project delivery to a much higher standard. This was something BMI was able to help him with. He now employs a virtual assistant to help him with lead generation and doing admin tasks.

Did He Have Any Doubts Before Joining BMI?

Flavius says that he is the type of person who once he makes a decision, he fully commits to it and doesn’t second guess himself. This meant that he had a long hard think about joining BMI because he realized that he was basically going to be “deleting six years of what he had learned at college” and starting fresh with a new career. He also says that he had some fear of failure that made him skeptical about joining, he didn’t want to give up a good engineering job and then fail at starting a business. It wasn’t something that he decided lightly so made sure he did his research first. He recommends that new members talk to current members first before joining so they can get some good feedback about how the program works.

Where Is He Now?

His agency now has five clients and he is in the process of standardizing and building systems into his business so it can scale even more. He says that his focus now is to get to the point where he only works on ‘high value’ tasks such as managing clients and making sales. He plans to outsource all other tasks to his assistant and other freelancers. This is essential so that he can work on his business and not in his business.

Who Should Join BMI?

Flavius says if you are not happy with your current job or career situation then you should join BMI. But you have to be prepared to put in the hard work and be patient as it will take time and a lot of time and effort to succeed. BMI is not for lazy people and it is not for people who need a step by step ‘task list’ for how to succeed, you have to be somebody that shows initiative and puts yourself out there a bit. If that sounds like you then Flavius recommends that you join BMI!

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