How Emmanuel Built a $6 Million Business at the Age of 21

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Emmanuel knew that he want to become a successful entrepreneur from 11 years of age. At that age he had the chance to meet a multi-millionaire. He spent a whole month in this guy’s house and he saw a dream. Emmanuel saw what kind of lifestyle this person has and he immediately decided that he want to become like him.

Being inspired from this millionaire and his lifestyle, Emmanuel decided that he has to start a business. When he was 16, he was making $4K per month while he was in school. He was getting some pretty good cash at that time. After that Emmanuel started getting very lazy, stopped working on the business and left it aside.

Emmanuel learned a lot from his first business like hiring people, automation, lead generation and so on. Moreover, Emmanuel learned a ton of stuff about marketing. The most important thing was how to choose a name that is going to sell the book.

Emmanuel always had this believe that things are going to happen the way he wanted to.

Many people at his age were worried about getting a driving license or getting a job. These things were so far ahead of Emmanuel that he did not even think about them. He knew that he is not going to need them, because he is going to have his own business and as a result he is going to have a private driver.

Emmanuel did not go to parties and did not have many friends. He reached a point where he did not care that much that he has so much money. That was a sign that he has to find a new purpose in his life and start something new.

Whenever you have something going on, do not underestimate it. Always milk whatever is working. That is a big mistake that people are making.

Emmanuel started going from opportunity to opportunity. He was dabbling for a whole year and did not know what to do. The #1 thing that young guys who start in business do is that they dabble and go after the next shiny object. That was exactly what I had to go through when I was starting my business.

At that time, Emmanuel was a member of the Business Mentor Insiders Facebook group. One evening he logged in that group and saw that a few people have made over $4K and have already started traveling around the world. That was a key moment in Emmanuel’s business adventure and he realized that he has to become more active in this online community.

Emmanuel hates when people beat him and that was a huge boost of motivation for him. That was the time when Emmanuel turned from a kid to an adult.

Business Mentor Insiders offers a working proven business model. If you follow this process, you will learn very valuable skills that you can leverage later on to build any type of business. You have the foundation and money, because you get paid by clients for the services that you deliver. That is why BMI is focused on service businesses.

Competition in business is very important for business success. You feel obligated to keep working harder and harder when you see that other people are doing it. Moreover, it is vital to have a person who can keep you responsible for your actions. It is his job to blame you when you are not doing something right in your business.

Emmanuel struggled a lot in the beginning. He did not have very good English skills and did not know how to show himself as an expert in his field. However, Emmanuel was very determined to beat the competition in the mastermind and as a result he started experiencing exponential growth in his business.

Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.