How Dominique Runs A Software Business Doing 20% Of The Work Himself (Selling Websites)

Meet Dominique – one of our top Business Mentor Insiders (BMI) members. He has a really great story to share that is sure to inspire you.

Less than one year ago Dominique quit his day job and started working as a freelance website developer but was really struggling, in fact, he wasn’t even pulling in much more than $5 per hour in the first few months. He found himself living in a small room and only been able to afford toast for dinner every night even though he was working 16 hours a day! However, over time he managed to get his hourly earnings up to about $15 per hour but he wasn’t at all satisfied with the direction his career was going in. This led to Dominique joining BMI so that he could learn how to start his own business.

Dominique only joined BMI about 3 months ago and last month his software development agency made over $16,720 in revenue with over 70% of the revenue as pure profit. What is even more amazing is that he only needs to carry out 20% of the project delivery work himself!

So, how did he accomplish this great outcome so quickly?

Dominique says that once he joined BMI, he quickly learned how to make sales, how to organize himself, and how to manage clients. These three main learnings helped him to change his mindset from that of a freelancer to that of a business owner.

According to Dominique through BMI he was able to completely change the way he looked at the sales process in the services sector. He found it really valuable to learn how to best approach clients and present yourself to them as a partner more so than just another sale. You don’t have to be a pushy salesperson to get great results he says. The training he received through BMI has made him much more confident in dealing with clients – even after the sale has been made.

After-sales, another major thing Dominique learned from BMI was how to hire qualified and high-quality freelancers to help him with project delivery. Since hiring a team of freelancers, he only has to do a small portion of the actual project work so that he has more time to do higher leverage tasks like signing up new clients and managing the relationship with them. This process has helped him massively scale his agency business and he is still in the process of adding more staff to his team. 

What Advice Does Dominique Have for Other Freelancers? 

Dominique says that if you want to have more freedom in your professional and personal life than you should definitely look at starting your own agency so that you can take on your own clients. According to Dominique if you want to jump-start your entrepreneurial journey then joining BMI would be a great investment. You will be able to learn how to find clients, sign them up, and finally deliver a high-quality service to them. The program will help you out a lot he says.

What Is Dominique Up to Now?

Dominique is focused on creating and implementing systems into his agency so that he can streamline his operations to make his business even more profitable. This has included standardizing the way his agency offers its services to clients so that it is easier for clients to understand, and easier for his freelancer staff to work together to carry out the project delivery. He is also actively looking at hiring a project manager to handle client relationships so that he can grow his agency business even more. Life is good at the moment Dominique says.

If you enjoyed Dominique’s story and would like to hear more please check out this video of the interview that I did with him recently (the video is at the top of this page).

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