How Daniel Sold a Web App for $12K

It’s Aleksander Vitkin here. I recently sat down with Daniel, one of our Business Mentor Insiders (BMI) members for a chat about how his business is doing. Daniel has been a member of BMI for just six months and recently he was able to close a project with a client for $12K to build a web application for them. I thought you might be inspired by his story.

Before launching an online agency that provides custom web application development, Daniel worked for five years as a software developer in Portugal. He eventually decided that the nine to five ‘hustle’ wasn’t for him, so he quit his job and went traveling for a couple of years.

During his travels, he worked doing a number of odd jobs to survive and then started to freelance as a WordPress developer. Overtime he upskilled and learned how to do more and more advanced software engineering. 

He had always wanted to start his own business but knew that he would need some help in doing so. This is when he decided to join BMI in January this year. Daniel says that this was a great decision and since joining he hasn’t looked back.

What Did He Learn From BMI?

In the first two months of joining BMI, he dedicated most of his spare time to learning all that he could through the program and began to implement what he was learning into his business. Once his business was up and running, he started to see results. After just two months as a member of BMI, he closed two sales to build custom web apps. At this point, he decided to dedicate himself fulltime to his business.

Before joining BMI Daniel says that he didn’t have much knowledge about how business works and was especially weak when it came to making sales. There is a big change from going from a freelancer where you are told exactly what to do, to then be in complete control of your time, and work as a business owner he says. 

BMI really helped Daniel to start to have a ‘business mentality’ and to start to value yourself more. Learning these valuable lessons gave Daniel a lot of confidence that he was able to turn into more business success. For example, he realized that he should be charging his clients more - he knew he was worth more and now he isn’t afraid to charge what he knows he is worth.

According to Daniel one of the best parts of BMI is being surrounded by other successful entrepreneurs, it really helped to inspire him he says. He loved that he could get on regular calls with other members and discuss any problems he was having with people who had been where he was before.

Daniel is now looking to build up his team so that he can use them to help him with project delivery so that it gives him more time to work on sales and scaling his business.

Who Does Daniel Recommends Join BMI?

Daniel says that he recommends BMI to anybody out there that is not happy with the current state of their life. If you are stuck in a job that you don’t like or are working as a freelancer but not making much money there is a better way to make a living. You also need to be prepared to put the work in and be prepared to take ownership of your life. Finally, you should be someone that loves to learn and are ‘coachable’ – meaning that you are open to learning new ideas and ways of doing things.

If you would love to learn more about Daniel, please check out my interview with him.

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