How Daniel Sold a Web App for $12K

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Aleksander: Hi, this is Aleksander and I’m here with Daniel. Daniel is a member of the business better insiders. And why do I have you here, Daniel? What’s the good news that we’ve had lately?

Daniel: Yeah, I just had a big sale for $12K for a web app. And I’m just roughly six months on the group. So that’s pretty awesome for me coming from a very, very low wage background. And, yeah, I’m very grateful for being part of the group.

Aleksander: So you’ve had several good months behind you in terms of business, and now you kinda capped it off with a $12,000 sale. Is that correct?

Daniel: Yeah, yeah. Ever since March. After two months in the group I start having, I had my first sale. It was actually a good sale too. It was a $10K sale for two web apps. Not as good as this one, though. Then after that I had two more around the same value. And now, I have this big sale. So, it’s been like very, very good three or four months.

Aleksander: And what were you doing before that in life?

Daniel: I was very scattered. I’m actually an engineer. I worked as a software developer five years ago. Then I got bored and I went traveling the world for two or three years. I did customer services. I sell tickets for both parties. I just didn’t know exactly what I wanted

But then. I started doing freelancing, as well. Doing, like, work press sides and social media. But I felt it was not what I really wanted. I wanted to be more engaged. So I got to be a bit more technical. You know, I got into bootcamp, programming bootcamps. I can do like more advanced applications so I can earn more. And then I wanna work, I went to work with a company actually one of the best companies here in my country for web applications. But then again, nine-to-five,

Aleksander: In case people don’t know, you’re from Portugal.

Daniel: Yeah I’m from Portugal in the north, in the second city Porto. And, yeah, initially I was in this big company but then again it was a nine-to-five job and I got bored easily, and I wanna have my own thing. So after one year working on this company I got better skills as a developer, but I really wanted to start my own thing. So I joined BMI around January this year. And since then I haven’t been looking back.

Aleksander: How have your months been so far financially? I mean you closed one sale that’s $12,000, but what else have you been doing?

Daniel: In the first two months I was just learning and trying to implement because I was also working. I just left my job one month ago. But I was juggling both things. It was not the easiest thing. So in the first two months I didn’t have results. I was just learning and studying. And then, I had my first result after two months. And then, it was a big deal because it was two applications and I had to do a lot of delivery for that and I also had my job so it wasn’t easy.

After I delivered those two applications I just said okay, I’m going to focus on business only. So I left my job. And after I left my job I had already three more sales. And this one being the biggest of them. $12K for a web app. That’s just awesome for me.

Aleksander: So you quit your job when exactly did you say? Now two months ago, right?

Daniel: Yeah one month and a half ago.

Aleksander: One month and a half ago.

Daniel: Yeah, end of May.

Aleksander: I think you weren’t the only one. You have some friends as well who have had the same thing happen recently. I forgot the name. I think maybe Tiago, was it?

Daniel: Yeah, Tiago. Tiago. Also he was working and then he left his job. And he’s now focusing on business 100%

Aleksander: You guys from Portugal are crushing it. Get more members from Portugal, this is really good.

Daniel: Yeah, we are very close, so it’s like a little mastermind we have here.

Aleksander: And what are some things that you’ve learned in the mass mastermind? So you said you were studying in the first two months, right, but you were also implementing. But what have you learned that has allowed you to go from having a job making, like, $1000 or $2000 whatever amount of money they pay in Portugal. What made you go from that to getting the results you’re getting now? What skills have you learned?

Daniel: Because I was not having the business mindset in my mind I was just being like a employer or freelancer, which is like you’re hear what people say and then you implement. And you just don’t have a strong frame and you don’t know how to ask what you want. In the business mastermind what they really try to teach is to have this business mentality which is also sales. They teach you a lot of frames. Marketing frames, as well. Marketing tips and how to value yourself more. And to be able to ask more for your services. That’s was my change. Instead of being told what to do and just put in a box. So, you are valued this, and you do this. No. I’m the one saying what I want and saying how much I charge. That has been a big, big change. And mindset definitely is the biggest change, the mastermind. And seeing other people having results every day. It gets you pumped up and you have to keep it up.

Aleksander: Well I hope you’ve learned the sales process and you’ve been trained in sales as well, right, because mindset.

Daniel: Yeah, no, like I said. Mindset is the big thing because it’s like the foundation. But then you have to implement and BMI gives you the tools to be in the interview and be able to charge this kind of money. In the sales process they teach all the accountability coaches also technical details about sales and also delivery. I learned in BMI too.

Aleksander: Yeah, if I’m not mistaken, you’re one of the regulars on the developer call, so you’re talking to the guys doing 10, 20, 30 thousand dollars per month on a regular basis, right. So that may have helped a little bit as well.

Daniel: Yeah, those guys, they teach sales. They implement the sales as the BMI process, the general BMI process. But they are not specific for developments. The development market. And there’s some details and tools that we use that are specific for us. Without them, it still would be good, because BMI is like a very giant (mumbling) general structure for sales and to have clients but especially because there’s the developer call and the developer group.

That is specific for me and give me specific things to learn from. I think that’s even more valuable for a developer like me.

Aleksander: Okay and what are the future plans? Are you planning to hire a team or do you already have a team? How are you planning to build this into a real business?

Daniel: My next step is to have a team, actually. That is my biggest step I need to do because right now I had people working for me but I wasn’t satisfied and they charged me a lot. I ended up having to do myself most of the things. It just takes me away from the generation, from the calls, and to get more clients. So what I need is like, have a team maybe. Maybe teach people how to do things my way. So I can, the delivery is perfect and awesome. And then I will have more time to be the business manager of my clients

So that’s gonna be the biggest change for me. When that happens, I think without the sales tools and the sales skills I have, I think I will be able to replicate this sale maybe two or three times a month, for sure. I’m very confident I will be.

Aleksander: Who would you recommend does this? Who would you recommend join a mastermind like Business Mentor Insiders and implement a business model like this? Who should be doing this?

Daniel: I think everyone that is unhappy with their current state and their companies, and their jobs, even if they are freelancing and getting paid very little. They have to step up. They have to realize they are much, much more valuable than people say they have to take ownership of their own lives and try to get better every day.

If you are unhappy with a situation, just change. It doesn’t matter what you are. I mean, my country is not the biggest, it’s not the most rich country. But there’s no excuse. Even if I was in Africa or Asia there’s always a way you can get around it. Just don’t make excuses and find ways to learn and get mentored by people that are better than you at that point, right?

Aleksander: Okay, makes sense to me. Awesome. Well, Daniel, see you in the mastermind. Thank you for jumping on real quick here to do this mini interview. We do a lot of these because we have a lot of success stories. But, you know, I really like this one.

So it’s a good one. Fast results, and I like your latest sales. So see you in the mastermind and everyone watching this, subscribe, message me, do all that kind of stuff. All right, see you.

Daniel: Thank you Aleks. See you there.

Aleksander Vitkin

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