How Damiano Closed $75k/Month In Contracts This Year

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Damiano is going to share with you how he closed $75k/Month in contracts this year. He has made an impressive amount of progress for the last 6 months. His business has a huge potential to become a 7 figure business within the next 6 to 12 months.

Damiano and his team were able to build processes in the business that bring consistently new leads. They also have a process to reach out to those clients and close them. As a result, Damiano is able to consistently make $30k/Month.

Damiano closed clients up to several months and even a year ahead. He closed a total of $120k this year in collected payments. Furthermore, he has another $180k still coming in from deals that he already made. Damiano and his team have a goal to reach the half a million point and they are very confident that they can get there.

One of the things that BMI mastermind taught Damiano and one of the main reasons for his business growth is how to delegate. He has project managers and everything goes very smooth. As a result, the work that Damiano has to do is a lot less and he can focus on other parts of the business such as getting deals, making market shares and working on the business rather than in business.

Damiano offers web development and marketing services to his clients. He comes up with a solution that would incentivize him to provide a really good service to his clients. Damiano makes deals where not only he gets retainers, but he also gets revenue share as well. So, it is a win-win situation for both parties.

Damiano changed his working space into an office. That changed the dynamic of working with his team for the better. It is much more efficient. All of his employees are there and there is more stuff getting done in less time. Bringing everyone under one roof brought the productivity way up. He has team members who are dedicated to their job and stay in the office throughout the night.

What is more, some of Damiano’s larger clients want to meet with him and his team locally in Toronto. That makes a huge difference in terms of social proof.

Damiano has some time to travel the world, but he does not travel all the time. His priority is his business and he is aware that he cannot leave his business run without his attention.

Damiano wants to have some people who are working locally, but he knows that traveling is something that is going to advance the company. That is why he also needs people who can help with the business by traveling.

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