Meet Asim (Scaled His Tech Agency to $20k/Month)

I wanted to share with you an awesome story about one of our Business Mentor Insiders (BMI) members and how our program has helped him grow his business to nearly $20K in monthly revenue!

Asim’s company WADIC is a software development firm with offices in the United States, Philippines, Pakistan, and Dubai. He joined BMI about three months ago and since then has gone on to have amazing success by implementing our sales funnels for his company.

How BMI Has Helped Asim

When Asim started with BMI the main thing he wanted to learn was how to make sales and how to develop a good sales funnel for his business. He says he wasn’t very optimistic at the beginning if he would be able to learn to sell but has been blown away by how well the BMI program videos and other materials have helped him to become much better at making sales.

According to Asim, within 3 months of joining the program, he has begun to generate sales of $20,000 per month from projects, 80% of which is residual earnings from existing clients. He now thinks he will be able to scale his business to $200k+ per month within a short period of time.

Asim says that before making sales for his own company, he only had some experience in corporate sales. He didn’t have a positive view of sales in general and thought salespeople are usually not the most trustworthy people you encounter. But he says BMI taught him about ‘ethical sales’.

According to Asim, all types of selling comes down to people. If you can explain to clients how you can help them you will get their attention and build trust with them. There is no need to have aggressive sales tactics. Instead, focus on how you can help people and treat people like they are human. If you can make people happy and “comfortable” you will gain their trust. He says BMI’s program gave him a huge boost in confidence and within three weeks of starting with BMI and implementing one of their sales funnels he was able to close a $48K per year deal, and has since gone on to make even bigger deals!

Implementing BMI sales funnels has allowed Asim to scale his business. Before BMI he says his company focused on having a referral sales approach, which led to his company not being able to scale as much as he wanted. After joining BMI he split his 100 employees up into two groups which he calls the “left-wing of the company” and the “right-wing of the company” (don’t worry, it’s got nothing to do with politics!). The left-wing group implemented BMI sales funnels, and the right-wing group kept on doing sales how they normally would. The results he says were amazing, the group implementing BMI sales funnels hugely outperformed the other group both in total revenue and had higher profit margins. The right-wing group now manages maintenance projects for existing clients, whilst the left-wing group focuses on bringing in new clients.

Asim is now looking to hire more dedicated salespeople for his company who can focus their time exclusively on implementing BMI sales funnels. He is making his team specialized so that several of his staff work on replying to client proposals as quickly as possible, and another group of employees manage and do sales calls.

Does Asim Recommend BMI?

Asim says he would recommend anyone serious about starting and growing an online agency business should join BMI. In his interaction with other members, he says entrepreneurs who are starting marketing firms are especially doing well out of the program, which is why he is also going to be adding a marketing services division to his own company.

If you want to grow your business BMI is the perfect program for you, he says. It will take you out of your comfort zone and make you re-examine your processes. It will put you in touch with lots of other entrepreneurs, which he found was great for discussing business problems, and getting advice from people who had been there before.

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Aleksander Vitkin

Aleksander Vitkin has helped over 700 people with a sincere interest in entrepreneurship and contribution, to start profitable businesses and quit their jobs.